Block of the Month: Crying Obsidian

In today’s blog post, we will continue the series Block of the Month. Last time we introduced this series by taking a look at the Gilded Blackstone block with its shiny gold inlay and decorative use case. But this month, we want to highlight the dark-colored Obsidian block.

Crying Obsidian is a unique block found in Minecraft that possesses special properties and uses. In this guide, we will explore what Crying Obsidian is and its significance in the game.

Finding & Mining

Getting your hands on some Crying Obsidian is not as easy as you might think. If you think that you can turn regular Obsidian into Crying Obsidian, you are wrong. Even though this seems to be the logical step, it is in fact not possible.

To find Crying Obsidian, you will need to head into the Nether to trade with piglins using gold, although the drop rate of crying obsidian is very low. Otherwise, you can look in the overworld, as that’s the only other location it can be found. Once there, you need to locate a ruined portal and start collecting the Crying Obsidian blocks from the structure.

However, you cannot simply start mining the Crying Obsidian block with whatever tool. For example, should you start mining the block with a regular pickaxe, no blocks would be dropped. To successfully mine the Crying Obsidian block, you will need to have a diamond or netherite pickaxe equipped.


After you have collected a good amount of Crying Obsidian blocks in your inventory, it is time to use them for something. You could of course use them as decoration, as they are very good-looking with its dark sheen and purple inlay.

Should you actually want to use them for something other than decorative purposes, you have some alternatives to choose from. Just like regular Obsidian, the Crying Obsidian is a very resilient block and with a blast resistance of 1200 damage, it can withstand explosions pretty well.

Furthermore, it cannot be destroyed by the ender dragon. This makes it very useful as a cover and stepping stone in the boss fight with the ender dragon. Standing on a couple of Crying Obsidian during the boss fight lets you reach the ender dragon and with ease land some hits.

But the best use case for this block is to use it as a respawn anchor. A respawn anchor is a block that has the function of letting you respawn in the Nether. So, should you die while in the Nether, you won’t have to restart from the beginning.

To craft a respawn anchor, you need a crafting table. Then, in the crafting grid, simply place 3 Crying Obsidian blocks in the top row, 3 Glowstone blocks in the middle row and finally place 3 Crying Obsidian blocks in the bottom row.

By following the above crafting instructions, you can then simply drag and drop the respawn anchor into your item hot bar. To use the respawn anchor, you would have to equip them item in your hand and place it on the ground.

The respawn anchor needs to be activated before it can be used. This is done by simply right-clicking the anchor with a glowstone block to add a “respawn charge”. You can add a total of 4 respawn charges at a time. Wherever you chose to place the anchor, will be the location you respawn at if you die in the Nether.


Crying Obsidian is a versatile and valuable block in Minecraft, offering various uses and benefits. With the knowledge gained from this guide, you will have a better chance of surviving in the Nether and maybe even successfully slay the ender dragon.

As always we hope that you found this blog post interesting and that maybe you have learned something useful while reading it. We always try our best to both entertain and teach our readers. Take care and we will see you in the next blog post!