Building My First Makeshift Shelter


In the last blog update I crafted some basic wood and stone tools, I realized my character was in danger. He needed shelter quickly. Night was coming in the blocky game world. I was scared thinking about the dangers in the dark. It was time to build my first simple shelter using my weak axe and pickaxe!

Chopping Away at My Shelter Foundation

I hurried to collect more wood logs as the sun started to set. Worried, I swung my axe wildly at the nearest oak tree while looking a lot at the fading light. “Just focus!” I told myself, trying to calm down. With no time to be careful, I chopped branches and trunks in a rush. My inventory filled up with a pile of log blocks, just enough for a basic floor and walls.

Chopping away

Now I had to find the perfect spot to start building my shelter before night came completely. I sprinted around panicking looking for a defendable place. Coming to a small hill, I decided this was my best choice for a high view. I quickly put log blocks in a square to make the floor plan of my simple hut.

The darkness was coming fast as I built up the walls. It was a crude wooden box, but it would work for my first night. With the last rays of light disappearing, I closed up the final side of my hut. I stood there gasping to catch my breath, axe still gripped in hand. My shaky wooden shelter was complete just in time!

Mining Like Mad for a Shelter Roof

I ran up a hill as the sky turned to a scary purple color. Looking down into a rocky hollow, I knew I had found my shelter place. Fast I started hitting the stone above with my weak wooden pickaxe. Each swing only made tiny bits of cobblestone. “Come on, come on!” I said quietly, urgently mining to make an overhang.

Mad mining for roof

The sun was barely a sliver on the horizon now. I focused hard on each scratching hit, slowly gathering a small pile of cobblestone. But I was making slow progress and began to panic, glancing a lot at the darkening sky. Just when it seemed hopeless, my last swing broke off just enough stone for a single layer roof.

With almost no light left, I quickly stacked the cobblestone above my wooden hut. It was a patchy roof with gaps, but it would protect me from the worst monsters. I sealed myself in right as night came, leaving a tiny peephole to look outside. My first simple shelter was complete!

First Night Jitters in My Shelter

Hiding inside my crude wooden and stone hut, I shook at the weird moving shadows. The scary sounds of zombies and rattling skeletons made me imagine frightening things. I cowered in the corner, holding my axe to feel safe.

Night Jitters

Sometimes a monster would shuffle right up to my shelter, and I held my breath, wishing it away. Their creepy digital groans taunted me as I sat there frozen all night. I yelped and nearly jumped out of my skin when a creeper exploded nearby! The blast shook my hut hard, and I prayed it didn’t get damaged.

As I sat there tense and wide-eyed all night, every sound made my heart race faster. The darkness turned the usually nice blocky world into a nightmare. But as much as I wanted to run into the night, I forced myself to stay put. My simple stone and wood shelter was the only thing keeping me alive!

Conclusion: Surviving the First Test

Building a quick simple shelter at the last minute taught me important survival lessons. I dealt with the intense stress of the approaching first nightfall and lived to see the sunrise. This early win gave me confidence I needed to start thinking about a more permanent base.


While my first dirt hut was far from fancy, it did provide crucial protection when I needed it most. Having experienced firsthand the terrors that come out after dark, I now understood the importance of shelter. My first night showed that you need a solid roof over your head before you can do anything else meaningful in Minecraft.

Now it was time to apply those lessons and work towards a real wooden house as I kept exploring the huge world of Minecraft. With the start of a new day, I was eager to begin establishing a more impressive and defendable base camp that I could really make my own. My crude cobblestone and log hut may have been basic, but it served its purpose for that important test of my first night. This certainly without doubt was pivotal moment in my Minecraft journey.