Do You Want Minecraft For Dinner?

Mooshroom Burger

In this blog post, we will stray away from the more serious posts about our community and updates. Today we will be covering the basic need of eating food. Hopefully, you haven’t just eaten, because after reading this you will definitely become hungry again.

We all know how easy it is to spend hours playing a good game, and Minecraft is just one of those games where time just seems to slip away a bit too easily. You start playing thinking it will just be a short session, but all of a sudden you realize that you’ve missed eating dinner, again!

Yes, we know, gaming with friends is important, but so is eating at regular times and staying healthy. So, when we saw that a Minecraft cookbook has been released, we felt obligated to share this good news with all of you.

With a promise to satisfy your hunger for both delicious food and the endless creativity of Minecraft, we think you will find great joy and fulfillment in this cookbook. Just to clarify, this is a cookbook for real world recipes and the name of the book is Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat!


In total, the book includes a whole set of +40 recipes that are fit for lunch, dinner, or anytime in between your gaming sessions you find the time to eat. Even though eating is a necessity for survival, the recipes are ideal for every skill level.

We won’t go over the recipes in detail, you would have to get the actual cookbook for that. But we will mention a select few, so you can get a view of what the cookbook has to offer.

Blocks of Clay Fudge

To start off this three-course meal, we decided to be somewhat eccentric and serve dessert, and there’s no better dessert than sweet, sweet fudge.

It is not a huge shocker that the official Minecraft cookbook includes a recipe for something that is block shaped, and combined with the taste and texture of fudge you can’t go wrong. Top this one off with some green food coloring, and you got yourself an eatable Minecraft grass block.

Mooshroom Burgers

As the main course, you would want something that is filling, but also tasty. There’s only one thing that will tick all the boxes, and that’s hamburgers.

You can’t really go wrong with burgers, and if they’re based on Mooshrooms from Minecraft. Well, that’s just fantastic. The thought of some juicy beef paired with sautéed mushrooms is really mouth watering, and probably what’s on the menu for me tonight.

Potion of the Turtle Master

At the end of this three-course meal, we thought you would like to gulp down a milkshake, and therefore we recommend trying the Potion of the Turtle Master. With ingredients such as ice cream, caramel, and nuts, it is certain to be really tasty.

There’s nothing better than to slurp a nice milkshake on a hot summers day. And with this recipe, the only thing missing is a hot summer day.


Well, there you have it. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, today’s topic is a bit more light-hearted and not so serious. And since everyone needs to eat on a daily basis, we thought you could use some inspiration for your next meal.

That is all for this blog post. Now, before you continue your gaming session, go to your kitchen and make something to eat. Have a nice meal!