Free Tier Upgrade Giveaway


In today’s blog post, we want to bring some attention to our proposed plan pricing and all the different tiers that will be available once we start being a paid service. But, to make this a bit more exciting, we have decided to give a free tier upgrade to one lucky person.

As you all know, we are currently in the alpha testing phase. Anyone who signs up during this phase will receive a free base plan game server. At some point, this will of course change, and our service will become a paid service.


First things first, let’s go over the rules of this giveaway. The rules are simple. All you need to do is to follow us on Twitter, and you may be the lucky person who wins a free tier upgrade that is valid for the duration of the alpha phase.

On the 24th of July, we will list all participants and randomly pick a winner. The beauty of randomness is that every participant has an equal chance of winning. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

Proposed Pricing

At the time of writing, we do not have a final pricing plan for when we are out of the alpha phase. However, we have a proposed pricing plan that shows approximately where our prices will be when we convert to a paid service.

As you can see, we are aiming for a competitive price range with a lot of options to choose from. Please note these prices are not set in stone and are subject to change.


That is all for this blog post. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Twitter account and give us a follow before the 24th of July 2023, and you may very well be the lucky person who gets additional resources to their game server.

As always, thank you for reading this far, and we hope to see you in our Discord and be an active member of our community. Take care!

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