How Long Is A Day In Minecraft?

Sunrise in Minecraft

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. 

In Minecraft, just like in real life, the sun rises above the eastern horizon and the sun sets on the western horizon. The cycle of day and night is just as prevalent in Minecraft as square blocks are. But how long is a Minecraft day and night? This is what we will figure out in this blog post.

At dusk and dawn, you can see the sun and moon trading places in the sky. This is not a big surprise, but what is maybe more surprising is that time in Minecraft goes by much faster than normal time. 

Day and Night Cycle in Minecraft

A whole day and night will pass by in 20 real life minutes, with 10 minutes being the daylight cycle. The nights in Minecraft are quite dangerous, creepers and other hostile mobs can spawn during this time. But when the moon sets, and you feel the sunlight hit your face, the spawn rate will go back to normal again.

Counted in real world minutes a whole day in Minecraft would look like this.

00:00 – Start of day

00:23 – Sunrise finished

05:00 – Noon

09:41 – Sunset begins

10:28 – The bed is available for players to sleep through the night.

10:52 – Sun goes below horizon.

11:32 – Night begins

15:00 – Midnight

18:47 – Sunrise begins

19:06 – The sun is above the horizon.

19:30 – The moon sets below the horizon.

Can You Tell The Time in Minecraft?

Yes, you can, even though it is pretty much pointless. The easiest way to tell the time is just to look around in the environment and see where in the sky the sun sits. But if you really want a clock, this is how you make one.

What time is it?
  1. 1. Open your crafting table.
  2. 2. Place 1 Redstone Dust in the center of the crafting grid.
  3. 3. Place 4 Gold Ingots in the shape of a cross around the Redstone Dust.
  4. 4. Drag and drop the clock into your inventory.

It is worth noting that clocks do not work at all when you are in the Nether or The End. Simply because in these biomes, time does not exist.

Can I Change The Time in Minecraft?

Setting the Time of Day can be done with a simple command. But first, you must enable cheats in your world’s settings. With cheats enabled, you just press T to open the chat and you are ready to enter the commands.

Command to set Time of Day

/time set day - 7:00 AM

/time set noon - 12:00 PM

/time set night - 7:00 PM

/time set midnight - 12:00 AM

As time passes in Minecraft, it is counted with ticks. So the day will start at 0 and when it hits 23999 it will reset to 0 again and start a new day. As you can see it is, 24000 representing 24 hours in a day. 

This is useful if you want to set a very specific time of day. Just type the command shown below and you will set the time to 2:30 PM.

/time set 14500 - sets time to 2:30 PM

Can I Freeze Time in Minecraft?

Just like Neo in The Matrix stops time, so can you in the multiverses of Minecraft. The nights can be scary or maybe you just prefer to play in daylight. This can be done in two different ways. 

While one of the alternatives will only stop the day-night cycle from progressing. The other alternative will freeze not only time, but also objects. This means that plants will be prevented from growing, and fires from burning.

/gamerule DoDayLightCycle false - Turn OFF the day-night cycle
/gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 - Freeze time and objects

The latter command sets how fast time will pass. While a 0 will freeze time, any number above 1 will make time go faster than normal. To go back to normal speed, set the command to 1.

How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Minecraft?

Have you ever wondered how many hours you actually spent in your Minecraft world? Maybe you finally finished building a masterpiece and want to know the exact amount of time it took. Or maybe you do not want to know and just go on with playing. 

Either way, you can find the minutes played by pressing Escape and go to Statistics > General > Minutes played.


Just as every day will end, so will this blog post. We have learned that a day in Minecraft is 20 minutes long, counted in real-life minutes. If you have read everything in this blog post, from top to bottom. You should still have more than half a day left in Minecraft.

The night should be closing in by now, and undead mobs will come to life. Well, if something that is undead can come to life? Any who, this is the end for now and we will see you in the next blog post.