How To Qualify For Extra Server Resources During Alpha

UPDATE 2023-08-13: As we are moving from Alpha to Beta phase, extra resources will no longer be available for free.

Hello, all members of the UltraServers community. We are very excited to see the community grow larger by the day, and it’s great to see how active our Discord server has become. It’s also great to see how many of you are helping less experienced users in the #community-support channel, as that is what a community is all about.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for the input and feedback that you’ve been providing for the past couple of weeks. Your feedback is important and a key part of how we develop and improve our service.

Extra Server Resources

We hope you are enjoying UltraServers during the free alpha phase. As the word gets around and people join us on our journey to be the best game server hosting provider, we are receiving more and more requests for additional resources.

While we are happy to accommodate, there needs to be some way to manage these requests. We want to continue to make the alpha phase completely free, so we need to find a non-monetary form of currency; a quid pro quo, if you will!

You want more resources; UltraServers want more feedback and exposure to people seeking game server hosting. So, for this reason, we have produced a set of criteria that needs to be met before we can give extra server resources.

To be considered for additional resources for your game server, you need to offer one of the following to UltraServers:

Advance to a minimum of a Level 4 on our discord server (see /rank)

Invite us to your own discord server of 100+ users and allow one of our friendly staff members to occasionally post about our services.

Provide us with access to an audience that you moderate elsewhere.

We’re not going to build lots of rules here. The higher your Level (in multiples of 4) and/or exposure you give UltraServers, the more resources we are likely to allocate to you. However, staff of UltraServers have absolute discretion to deny a request even though the criteria are met.

Mutual Benefits

This will ensure we see how all our plans will perform for customers in the future; we need to know how our entry-level package will work as well as our top-tier package and everything in between. Managing resources as described above should ensure we have alpha testers in all resource tiers.

If you don’t need extra resources for your game server, you can continue to benefit from our offer of 2 vCores, 4GB RAM and 100GB NVMe storage completely for free. Just continue to provide feedback in our discord server and be a part of our community.

If you can meet the minimum criteria above and require additional resources, get in touch with our support team. If you can’t meet the criteria above just yet, it’s simple to achieve Level 4 – just be active in our discord community and help fellow alpha testers with your experience and knowledge.


So, going forward, this is what we will take in to consideration when we receive a request for extra server resources. We think that this framework will be beneficial to both parties as you will receive extra resources, and we will continue to receive your feedback.

That is it for this blog post. If you have read all the way to this last sentence, thank you. Now take care and be safe while playing Minecraft. Creepers lurk in the night!