Manage Your Minecraft Server With LuckPerms

If you have ever managed a Minecraft server, you have probably stumbled across player permissions at some point. Giving a player certain permissions will allow them to execute commands even though they are not the server operator.

This can be very useful as you can give server operator privileges to certain players without completely exposing your server. While this can be done without any plugins, it is very tedious and not at all efficient. So, in this blog post, we will introduce you to LuckPerms, which is a very powerful Minecraft plugin that gives you full control over player permissions and more.

We won’t bore you with all the fine details of this plugin, as that would make this blog post too long. Instead, we will go over the basic usage, how you can install it, and why you should use it for your Minecraft server.

What Is LuckPerms?

LuckPerms is a flexible and lightweight permissions plugin for Minecraft servers. Developed by lucko, this plugin offers comprehensive control over player permissions, helping server administrators easily manage user access rights, commands, and various gameplay aspects.

With its intuitive interface and extensive configuration options, LuckPerms has become the go-to solution for server owners seeking a reliable permissions management system. For a more in-depth installation guide, we have created How to install and use LuckPerms on our Documentation hub.

Getting started with LuckPerms is a breeze. Once you have your server up and running, LuckPerms can be installed from the plugin tab in the dashboard. After restarting the server, LuckPerms will automatically generate a default configuration file with sensible default settings.


To fine-tune the plugin to your specific server needs, the configuration file allows for easy customization. You can define default permissions, set up groups, create custom ranks, and manage inheritance and permissions nodes.

LuckPerms’ comprehensive documentation provides detailed guidance on all available configuration options, ensuring server administrators can tailor their server’s permissions system to their exact requirements.

One of the standout features of LuckPerms is its user-friendly and powerful player permissions management. Through intuitive commands or a GUI, administrators can grant, revoke, and modify permissions for individual players or groups in real-time.

This level of control enables server owners to create balanced gameplay experiences, restrict access to specific commands, and prevent unauthorized activities. The ability to limit certain users to only use specific commands can be crucial to counteract griefing and other destructive behavior.

LuckPerms’ inheritance system allows for hierarchical organization of groups, enabling the easy application of permissions across multiple ranks. This system saves time and effort by automatically cascading permissions from higher-level groups to lower-level ones, reducing the need for manual permission assignment.


LuckPerms is an invaluable plugin for anyone looking to manage their Minecraft server’s player permissions effectively. And should you be running a Minecraft server, LuckPerms is a must have plugin because of its rich set of features and management of permissions.

Keep in mind that LuckPerms will only work on servers running either Forge, Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, Velocity or Bungeecord. With that last bit of information we have reached the end of this blog post. As usual, we hope that you have learned something from reading this. Take care!