Minecraft 1.20.5: The Armored Paws

Our favorite block sandbox game has finally gotten a new release, The Armored Paws drop, or the 1.20.5 version. This update brings long waited features to the game;

Different breeds of wolves – Now you get to have your own dog house!

Armor for your wolves! – This can be dyed to get your unique dog.

The new mob, Armadillos. – To actually obtain their Scutes and craft the new armor.

This update comes with its occasional smaller bug fixes and some minor features like increases to the Tamed Wolves health points.

Minecraft 1.20.5

The Armadillos

Armored and tough-shelled, the Armadillos are the newest mobs included in Minecraft. These creatures are peaceful by nature and won’t harm the player. These small and tough balls also curl themselves in to an even smaller box, if they sense a danger nearby.

The Armadillos can drop their Scutes periodically, or when they get brushed. These Scutes can then be used to craft the new Wolf Armor, looping this whole update together.

The Update

As with all updates in Minecraft, version 1.20.5 also comes with its fair share of minor bug fixes and less noticeable changes. These tweaks, while not as flashy as the introduction of Armadillos or wolf armor, are vital for maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Finally, updating your game to this new version is a simple process. All you need to do is select the 1.20.5 version from the server editor in the dashboard. It’s also important to remember to update your Java version to 21, as it’s a prerequisite for running this update.

The 1.20.5 changelog can be viewed here. If you encounter any issues during or after the update, ensure your Java is up-to-date.


In conclusion, Minecraft 1.20.5 The Armored Paws is a significant update that introduces exciting new features and improvements that will undoubtedly enhance the gameplay experience. It breathes fresh life into the game, providing players with new challenges and adventures to embark on with their newly armored companions.

Since this release, we only have a few months to await for Minecraft’s next bigger update. Stay tuned for updates on that!