Mob of the Month: Creeper

In this blog post, we will begin a new series of blog posts called Mob of the Month. As the name alludes, it will be a series where we have a closer look at all kind of mobs in Minecraft. All the way from friendly mobs like chickens, to more hostile mobs like ghasts. We will cover them all in detail.

As mobs in Minecraft come in all shapes and sizes, we thought that this series of blog posts will be a great way of getting you all familiar with them. Some of you may already recognize all of them, but we’re sure there are a few that haven’t even met a mob yet.

So, for all you newcomers to Minecraft, this series is where you will get to know all the mobs in Minecraft. It will be an ongoing series that will stretch over the years to come, and the first mob on display is the Creeper.

What’s a Creeper?

The Minecraft creeper is a unique and distinctive creature that roams the game’s blocky landscapes. The creeper is of the hostile mob category and will harm you if they get the chance. It is characterized by its pixelated, green body and a rather unsettling hissing sound.

This hissing can set the most seasoned gamer in a state of fear when it’s heard at night. The hissing sound is often the last thing you will hear before a creeper explodes themselves behind your back.

The reason they are able to do this is that their footsteps cannot be heard by the player. This is most likely why they have gotten the name Creeper, as they will silently creep up behind the player and explode themselves and the player.

The creeper originates from way back when the developers of Minecraft messed up some X and Y coordinates on a pig model in the game. But even though it was a mistake, the developers enjoyed it so much, they kept it in the game and called it a creeper.

Creepers have become a staple of the Minecraft experience, often evoking a mix of fear and excitement among players. Their signature trait is the ability to explode, making them both a formidable threat and a valuable resource.

As the attack technique of a creeper is to explode themselves, this mechanic can be exploited to your favor. For example, you could trap multiple creepers and then set them off all at once to create a chain reaction of explosions.

Creeper Farming

Creepers does not really have much of a practical use case, besides blowing themselves up. But, if you should have a need for a lot of creepers, you could farm them. Creeper farming has in fact become quite popular within the Minecraft community.

By creating specific structures and conditions, you can manipulate the spawning mechanics to farm creepers efficiently. Creeper farming offers various benefits, including a reliable source of gunpowder, a key ingredient for crafting fireworks, TNT, and potions.

Numerous methods exist for creeper farming, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some designs rely on trapping and luring creepers into specific areas, while others use Redstone contraptions to automate the process.

The efficiency of these farms can vary depending on your goals, available resources, and Minecraft version. Which farming technique you should choose is completely up to your preference.

Furthermore, should you set up your farm to have the creepers be killed by skeletons. The creeper will drop rare music disc’s. There are a total of 16 music disc’s, and they can be played in jukeboxes.

Creeper Variants

In addition to the classic creeper, Minecraft offers different variants of this iconic creature. Some variants possess unique abilities, such as the electrifying charged creeper or the camouflaged creeper found in jungles.

For a creeper to become charged, it has to be hit by lightning. To be exact, the lightning strike has to hit within four blocks of a regular creeper. If this occurs, a charged creeper will be created. Charged creepers have a much more powerful explosion and will harm you much easier.

Fun fact, if a charged creeper explodes and kills zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, piglins or other creepers. One of those mobs will drop its corresponding mob head. Should the explosion kill multiple valid mobs, the mob head that drops will be chosen randomly at the point of explosion.

Moreover, the Minecraft modding community has developed numerous mods that enhance the creeper experience, introducing new features, challenges, and interactions. But since this blog post is about the classic creeper, we won’t go into any details regarding mods.


Well, there you have it! The first Mob of the month blog post has been published. As we mentioned in the beginning, this will be an ongoing series of blog posts that we will publish once a month. It will of course be a mix of every kind of mob, both friendly and hostile.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and we hope that you found this blog post to be of interest. Maybe you even learned something about creepers? If you think we missed anything crucial and want to comment on this blog post, please join the discussion in our Discord server. Bye!