Mojang Banned Guns in Minecraft

Minecraft has for a long time been a source for creative gaming, and you have pretty much had free rein to build and create whatever you want. However, a decision has been made, and you are now a bit more limited in how you can play Minecraft.

Mojang recently made an impactful decision that has stirred discussions among Minecraft enthusiasts and the gaming community as a whole. They have decided to ban guns in Minecraft, a move that has both surprised and intrigued players worldwide.

Before delving into the reasons behind Mojang’s decision, it’s essential to understand what Minecraft is all about. Minecraft is an open-world video game that allows players to construct and interact with a vast virtual environment made up of blocks.

These blocks can be used to build structures, craft tools, and weapons, and engage in various activities, such as mining, farming, and combat. With its creative mode and survival mode options, Minecraft caters to a wide range of gameplay preferences.

The Decision to Ban

Mojang, the Swedish video game developer, is the studio responsible for creating Minecraft. Founded in 2009 by Markus Persson, Mojang has been instrumental in shaping the gaming industry and has gained a loyal fan base through its innovative and immersive games.

Throughout its history, Mojang has prioritized player feedback and community engagement, allowing Minecraft to evolve and adapt based on the needs and desires of its players. With a history like this, it comes as a surprise that Mojang has now decided to limit the creativity of the community.

In a controversial move, Mojang has made the decision to ban guns in Minecraft, removing them from the game entirely. But that is not all! They have also started an active campaign to enforce this on privately hosted servers.

In a bold move, Minecraft’s EULA enforcement team has targeted the group called Grand Theft Minecraft (GTM) as their Grand Theft Auto-themed servers include guns and other firearms. GTM was informed that several of the firearms available on the server were in violation of Mojang’s brand and commercial guidelines, in addition to the game’s EULA.

GTM posted on their website to inform their users about the situation, and they have included a screenshot of the communication from Mojang to ensure everyone that it was not a prank.

This decision sparked widespread discussions and debates within the Minecraft community and beyond. Mojang’s aim was to create a safer and more positive gaming environment, as well as address controversies and public opinions surrounding the portrayal of firearms in video games.

Reasons behind the Ban

One of the primary reasons behind Mojang’s decision to ban guns in Minecraft is the concern for player safety, especially in multiplayer environments. By removing guns, Mojang aims to reduce instances of virtual violence and ensure that players can enjoy the game without fear of harm.

This decision aligns with their commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space for players of all ages. Mojang intends to promote a more positive and cooperative gaming experience by removing guns. The absence of firearms encourages players, in their opinion, to focus on other aspects of the game, such as exploration, creativity, and problem-solving.

The portrayal of guns in video games has often been a subject of controversy and public debate. Mojang’s decision to ban guns in Minecraft reflects their responsiveness to the concerns expressed by some players and the wider public. By taking this step, Mojang aims to ensure that Minecraft remains a game that can be enjoyed by players of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Alternatives to Guns

While some players welcomed the change, others expressed disappointment or concern about the removal of an integral aspect of gameplay.

The community has been actively discussing and sharing their thoughts on various platforms, including Minecraft forums, social media, and dedicated fan websites. As this is an interesting and divisive topic in the world of Minecraft, we hope you will join the discussion on our Discord.

Minecraft has a vast potential for exploring combat mechanics beyond guns. Mojang can introduce new mechanics, such as specialized melee weapons, throwable items, or environmental traps, providing players with a more diverse and strategic approach to combat. These additions would encourage players to think tactically and employ different strategies based on the tools at their disposal.

Mojang can also expand the range of tools and weapons available in Minecraft, offering players innovative options for exploration and combat. New equipment, such as grappling hooks, magical staves, or even advanced technological gadgets, would introduce fresh gameplay mechanics and create new avenues for creativity and adventure within the Minecraft universe.


Mojang’s decision to ban guns in Minecraft has sparked debate and discussion among players worldwide. By removing firearms from the game, Mojang aims to create a safer and more positive gaming experience, address controversies surrounding guns in video games, and promote collaboration and creativity.

At UltraServers we are supportive of creating a better and safer environment for everyone. However, we are also advocates for freedom of expression in all forms and believe there are other ways to create a positive atmosphere for gamers rather than restricting how a game can be played.

While the ban may require players to adapt their gameplay, Minecraft remains a dynamic and immersive world, offering a wide range of alternatives to guns and exciting opportunities for exploration and adventure. So please, keep playing Minecraft. Keep safe.