My First Attempts Gathering Tools as a Minecraft Noob


Spawning in Overwhelmed

When I first started playing Minecraft, I did not know how to do anything. I had to learn how to move around and look with the camera. This was hard for me as a beginner. After I learned basic controls, I wanted to get some basic tools and materials to survive.

small wood logs

I tried breaking my first tree trunk by clicking on it a lot. I was confused when a small piece of wood came flying out. I did not know how to pick up the small wood blocks. I tried clicking everywhere but could not collect them. Then I realized I needed to craft a tool to harvest materials.

I did not have any sense of urgency yet. I ran around trying to pick up the small wood pieces. But I had no tools or shelter yet – this was a bad start! I sprinted to every tree and broke the trunks. More small blocks came out, and I could not get them. It was clear I did not understand the basics of gathering in Minecraft.

Fumbling with My First Axe Swings

After lots of trying, I figured out how to craft a simple wooden axe. I excitedly started swinging at a tree to get more wood. But swinging wildly was not effective! It took many clicks to chop one log, and the small wood pieces went flying everywhere.

swinging axe

I tried to chase the pieces to collect them, but it was embarrassing because I kept missing them. I realized I should take careful, targeted swings instead of recklessly chopping. But I quickly got impatient, and started madly chopping again. I wanted to gather more materials as fast as possible.

When I chopped recklessly, my axe broke more quickly. I had to stop and make new axes often. This slowed my chopping speed. Replacing broken axes wasted time. I got frustrated stopping to craft new axes constantly.

Struggling to Mine My First Rocks

I knew I needed some stone to make better tools and shelter. I nervously went up to some rocks with my weak wooden pickaxe. I started hitting the rocks, but could barely make a scratch at first! It seemed like it would take forever to break the hard rocks. I anxiously chipped away, slowly making tiny dents in the surface.

mining rocks

Finally, after a very long time, I got one small cobblestone cube! Mining with a flimsy pickaxe took a lot of patience. But I was excited to get that first piece of stone. It was a big step toward better tools and shelter! But looking at the huge rocks, I knew gathering enough would take a long time.

By the time I got some wood and stone, I had the world’s worst axe and pickaxe. I was far from making real progress. But as a beginner, getting those first materials felt like a major achievement. I was tired but motivated to use my new resources.

Conclusion: Still Striving but Ready to Forge Ahead

My first attempts at gathering wood and stone were very hard and inefficient. But I learned good lessons to help me moving forward. Despite my beginner skills, I feel eager to continue practicing and improving.


Now I have stronger tools and materials. I’m excited to keep learning, even if my skills are still basic. Small successes like getting those first tools motivate me to keep trying. My first tries collecting basic materials were very challenging and not effective.

But those hard experiences taught me useful things for the future. I now have better quality tools and items. One day I hope to look back on these clumsy first steps from my epic Minecraft palace! Each challenge I overcome takes me closer to mastering this block world.