My First Fiery Portal to the Nether

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The Hunt for Obsidian

After learning about the mysterious Nether dimension, I became very focused on finding obsidian to build my first portal there. Obsidian only forms near underground lava, so I knew I had dangerous cave mining ahead. Carrying enchanted diamond tools, I began searching for the rare volcanic rock.

Mining obsidian in the lava pools

I explored every lava-filled cave I could, taking risky steps near hot magma to carefully mine around it. With each swing, I knew one wrong move could push me into lava, ending my mission. When I finally spotted a small shiny black obsidian patch after hours of searching, I felt extremely happy.

My diamond pick slowly chipped away the tough obsidian, collecting several precious blocks needed for my gateway. But gathering ten obsidian blocks felt endless. During the tiring mining, I had to stay focused on my goal of entering the Nether to stay determined.

Constructing the Frame

With obsidian finally in hand after the long process, I quickly constructed a crafting table from basic wood planks and began building. I carefully counted ten obsidian blocks total, the exact amount my research showed was needed.

Nether portal construction

I had earlier studied the portal construction closely, so I assembled the blocks in the correct upright pattern with corners. Double-checking that my emerging obsidian gateway precisely matched the portal I have seen elsewhere during research was intense.

No detail was overlooked as I concentrated on constructing the gateway. I verified the base was completely level, and both sides were perfectly symmetrical. After so much tiring obsidian mining, this satisfying moment creating my dimensional portal by hand made it all worthwhile.

Lighting the Portal

With the final obsidian block placed, the frame was finished. The big moment I had waited for had come – lighting the portal to activate it! I carefully struck flint and steel directly on the bottom frame block. The portal’s bright surface suddenly flashed and came alive!

Nether portal activated

I leapt back, shocked as the gateway glowed and hummed loudly now. My heart pounded realizing I had built a real portal to another world! After recovering from the surprise, I approached to examine the activated gateway I had successfully built piece-by-piece myself.

I now had access to the mythical Nether! Visions filled my mind of the amazing adventures likely awaiting me in this newly opened dimension. All the tiring mining and building work had been completely worthwhile for this unbelievable moment. I could barely wait to finally venture through!


Constructing my first fully working obsidian portal to the Nether was a major accomplishment, needing days of tough mining just to harvest enough frame blocks. The tedious process definitely frustrated me sometimes. But when I sparked those obsidian blocks to life with that vivid swirling bright gateway for the first time.

conclusion entry to nether

It instantly made all my hard efforts worthwhile. Now whenever I peer into the magical depths of this portal I built, I can barely contain my thrill to soon cross over and uncover the Nether’s secrets and treasures. This glowing gateway now represents hope and adventure.

A passage to an entire new world of possibilities and dangers beyond anything I’ve known. And I know the time has come at last. I am prepared to step into the great unknown, where phenomenal new discoveries await! My Nether journeys have just begun.