Three Months of Alpha Phase


As you all know, we have publicly launched our Alpha release v1.0 and everyone now has access to our custom dashboard. This is a long-awaited milestone for us, and we are glad to finally share it with the world.

In the past, we have received valuable feedback from all of you in the community, and we want this to continue going forward. So, in this blog post, we will give a detailed description of what the Alpha phase will entail and why it is important for the future development of UltraServers.

Why the Alpha Phase Matters

The alpha phase is a crucial stage in the development of UltraServers as it will give us a lot of information to develop our service further. It allows us to stress-test our servers and systems, identify and fix bugs, and evaluate the overall performance.

More importantly, it provides an opportunity for you, our community, to contribute to the development by sharing your feedback. Your insights can help us identify areas of improvement, uncover untapped potential, and understand what truly resonates with you.

By actively participating in the alpha phase, you become an integral part of the UltraServers’ creation, helping us align with your desires and expectations. If you haven’t already, you should join our Discord server and take part in the active discussions and give us feedback.

The Duration of Alpha

Since the launch of Alpha release v1.0 we have already learned a lot about what our users want and need from our service. Our development team has continued building the dashboard and in other ways improve the backend of UltraServers.

As we have received an increased amount of feedback, feature requests and other improvement suggestions during the alpha testing phase. We want to make sure that we have plenty of time to implement and release the changes before we take the next step on our journey.

Our next couple of releases will focus on greatly improving the dashboard and the overall user experience, and adding the highly requested feature of game server sub-users. We will give you more information about this in our next changelog.

From the day you claim your free game server here at UltraServers, you are part of the alpha testing phase for a period of three months. During this period, you are required to provide us with feedback regarding the usage of your game server. Suggestions on how we can improve our service is encouraged.

When the three months come to an end, we will provide you with the option to maintain your access to our services by enrolling in a payment plan. You are of course welcome to download a backup of your server if that is what you would want to do instead.

Future Beyond Alpha

As we aim to deliver a service that exceeds not only our own expectations, but also yours. We have made the decision to not charge for our service throughout the duration of the alpha phase. Just sign up, and you will receive a free game server for a period of three months.

Instead, what we want in return is a collaborative community that reports bugs, gives feedback, and submits new feature requests. This will help our developers in their work to improve the service, and it will build a close relationship between us and you, our community.

Our future plans are big, and there are still a lot of features and enhancements we would like to add to the dashboard before we are comfortable to fully start charging our users. Furthermore, we also have a long list of other games that we would like to add to our service.

But, we cannot make it all happen immediately. This is why the alpha testing phase is such an important phase. It will not only set the pace for future improvements, but also build a collaborative atmosphere between UltraServers and its community of gamers.


Through your collaboration and participation, we aim to transform this company into something truly exceptional in the game-hosting industry. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us build a service that has the best price to performance ratio and a high level of customization.

We can’t wait to receive more of your input and feedback in the coming months. But also, don’t forget to just have fun and play Minecraft. We will keep you updated with regular changelogs and blog posts. Take care!