Unlocking Brewing: My Amateur Beginnings

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Building My Brewing Station

After collecting basic items like blaze powder and nether wart, I built a normal brewing stand following the Crafting Compendium book to start making potions. I filled the bottom tubes with regular water bottles, which are needed as the base for mixing magical liquid mixtures. I eagerly watched purple bubbles appear, showing the stand was ready for me to add more items to change the water into helpful potions.

Brewing apparatus

I gathered different common items I read could alter strength, length or effects. To hold finished potions, I brought glass bottles. Also, sugar, lava cream, and gunpowder could increase certain qualities I read. And glowing redstone or blinking spider eyes might change features too.

I eagerly experimented with random ingredients, trying to figure out early recipes for useful liquids by making mistakes and learning from them. At first, I mostly got useless brown sludge. But slowly I noticed patterns of color and bubbling showing effects taking place from adding specific ingredients in set orders.

Making My First Helper Brews

Using the guidebook’s methods for proper preparation, I carefully combined standard awkward potion with crushed netherrack gravel and lava cream. Starting with precise glowstone dust made gently bubbling orange liquid that should provide fire resistance.

my first brew success

Bottling this odd potion and nervously standing in fire to test felt like important progress towards mastery. Feeling flames harmlessly surround me thanks to the effects, I smiled proudly that this first simple mixture matched book documentation!

Eager to expand my collection, I systematically worked to accurately recreate other canonical resistance and enhancement mixtures from the books. For example, I combined sugar, thick potion, and orange dye to temporarily increase strike force against enemies in battle. Likewise, adding pufferfish to standard liquid enabled underwater breathing.

Brews to Help Mining and Fighting

With a reliable group of useful utilities like swiftness and water breathing I could recreate, I focused efforts on formulating specialty aids for underground mining and night monster fighting as my next goal. Huge caves were full of valuable gems, while the surface crawled with hostile creatures – alchemical boosts could prove very helpful in these areas!

combat brews

Through careful adjustment guided by field testing, I made a Luck formula containing properly prepared golden carrot and lapis extracts! Drinking this shimmering potion increased my ore amounts when digging new tunnels. Also, adding fermented spider eye to plain swiftness mixtures reversed the effect for hindering enemy speed.

While still very inexperienced compared to expert witches and wizards, just recognizing the huge practical value of these bubbling potions and my ability so far to reliably reproduce basic examples was greatly motivating. Surely this marked a small step towards truly mastering alchemy’s deeper mysteries!

Conclusion: My Alchemy Journey Just Starts!

Even as a clearly novice brewer barely scratching the surface in skill compared to master savants, carefully documenting various standard mixtures has proven very rewarding. It signaled progress, turning past failures into desired order.


Currently, I’m still impressed by simple and quick successes, while stories talk about amazing potions turning your minecraft character into a demigod! However, even the best once had difficulty making their first clumsy brews. So, by appreciating small wins now, I’m gaining confidence for future impressive achievements!

I take pride in the beginner skills I’ve acquired. With patience and a commitment, maybe one day my current novice abilities will grow into the cosmic forces depicted in captivating master legends! Though the journey is long and challenging, every thousand-mile journey starts with a single step. And this certainly marks an Important stage in my Minecraft journey.