What Sets UltraServers Apart from the Rest


It can be tough choosing a host or provider today with so many options on the market. To you, a lot of the hosts may seem the same, some of you are looking for the cheapest plans whilst others are looking for good specs that are sold for a good price.

This article will help you understand why UltraServers is leaps and bounds above its competitors. It not only harbours amazing features on the dashboard, extremely fair pricing, and a great community that is always welcoming and ready to help others out. But also a drive to go beyond others and provide the ultimate game hosting experience.

What is UltraServers?

Firstly, you should understand that UltraServers isn’t about buying a server, it’s about buying resources you can allocate to a server. This makes us 100 times more customizable and flexible than all other providers.

UltraServers can be used as a widespread overall service that can be used for many game servers simultaneously through one “dashboard, view, account”, whereas other providers require you to either delete or have separate plans bought to run a different game type/server type.

Therefore, this makes us not only the cheaper option in game server hosting but also the wiser option, we understand that having everything accessible from one place is important to our customers which is why making this feature happen was of top priority to us. As we implement more and more features, you will be able to find your dashboard, billing, and support all in one place.

Why UltraServers?

UltraServers has lots of amazing features, with many more to come as our development team release regular updates. We always listen to the feedback from our community and make sure to implement these changes into new releases of the service.

We have also made it a point to have full control over the supply chain. This not only means that we fully own our server and network hardware, but we also partner with high-quality companies such as Datapacket and Cloudflare.

With UltraServers, you can switch server locations by simply selecting the option through your inventory, other providers require tedious support processes to get your location changed. This feature plays a huge role in making your experience with us streamlined and as efficient as possible. When buying a plan with UltraServers all locations are included in that price which means our cost is not only as good as our competitors, but you will get more features for almost equal price.

With UltraServers, you can split your resources across multiple servers of different game types, which is not a common feature with other game hosting services. Our control panel aims to make navigation easy and accessible for anyone, no matter your level of experience. To achieve this, we made sure you can use resources across multiple servers to allow maximum usage per cost.

Additionally, we have partnered with Cloudflare, and with the help of their Magic Transit our servers come with L3 and L4 DDoS protection. The safety of our customers is a very high priority and we take security very seriously at UltraServers.

With an outstanding customer support team we hope to provide you with the fastest and most professional customer support available. Ticket support is the main form of support offered by us at the moment, but as demands rise, the possibility of live chat support may become an option for users. However, our Discord server allows fast and helpful responses from the community and any staff that are available in the current time period.


In conclusion, we dare to say that UltraServers is an outstanding game hosting service with a range of innovative features that make it stand out from our competitors. The ability to switch server locations easily, split resources across multiple servers of different game types, and benefit from L3, and L4 DDoS protection are just a few of the many features that we offer.

In addition, our control panel is designed to be user-friendly for users of all experience levels, and customer support is fast and efficient. With more updates and new releases in the pipeline, UltraServers is poised to become even better in the future. If you are interested in our service, you can sign up and set up your server within minutes.