Why We Chose AMD EPYC 9654 For Our Servers


This is an article on why we chose “The Fastest CPU on the Planet” for our servers.

At UltraServers we always want our customers to have the best experience possible in all aspects. So when researching what hardware to use for our servers we realized that all of our competition will charge you a premium price for hardware that is in most cases old, and therefore not premium anymore.

So we decided to embark on a journey into the game hosting industry. A journey that will not only disrupt the whole market, but also give you as a customer a better product for a lower price.

With our debut in this industry we aim to set a new standard when it comes to delivering a high performance yet affordable service. Our plans will be fully featured and have no hidden or extra fees. We aim to deliver a premium product but at budget prices.

Owned Hardware

To be able to do this we had to make sure that we have full control over the supply chain. This means that we will own all of our server hardware, and also own all of our network hardware. But this is only the beginning in creating a quality service, we also have to make sure it can be deployed fast and without any issues.

To guarantee this for all of our server locations, we are working with a company called Datapacket. With their help of them, we can get our servers up and running fast and with the knowledge that it is done in a professional manner.

Working with Datapacket alleviates us from having to deal with different networks and account managers in each new location. We choose not to go for inferior quality networks and DC providers because that will in the end result in a poor user experience and affect you as our customer.

Compare this to our competitors that lease their hardware and therefore are trapped in lengthy contracts. It won’t take long until the leased hardware is out of date and will not perform as well.

The beauty of owning all of the hardware and having total control over it, is that we can choose our own set of ROI (Return on Investment). We’re not locked in to a contract and can use our hardware as we like.

So what does this mean for you as a customer? Well, we will be able to offer you a game server that is running on the latest and most powerful hardware, and best of all, we will be able to offer this premium product for a budget price. That is the beauty of owning the hardware and fully control the supply chain all the way from start to finish.

Choice of Hardware

After much consideration, we decided to with the Genoa series AMD EPYC 9654 processor with 1.5TB DDR5 4800MHz ECC RAM and Enterprise NVMe SSD. This is the most up-to-date server hardware at the time of writing this article and compared to the game hosting industry standard, it is way more powerful.

This processor even managed to get Linus excited, and you can take a look at this video where he names it the “The Fastest CPU on the Planet”. If this is not enough of an approval, please continue reading for more information on why this is the best option for any serious game hosting server.

Below you will find a table showing the performance differences between our choice of processor and the game server industry standard. As you will see there is a lot of very old hardware still being used by our competitors.

Intel E5-1630v3Intel i7-6700KRyzen 3800XRyzen 3950XIntel i7-7700KAMD EPYC 9654
Single Core~1000~1100~1330~1250~1200~1530
RAM Speed2133MHz2166MHz3200MHz2666MHz2666MHz4800MHz
How old9 yrs8 yrs4 yrs4 yrs6 yrs3 mo
Technology22 nm14 nm7 nm7 nm14 nm5 nm

As you can see in the comparison table above, our hardware surpasses all the other by a huge margin in all aspects. Our choice of processor equals better performance at a better price.

Our price to performance ratio will be amongst the most affordable in the whole industry, while at the same time not hold back on the performance. All of our server plans will have access to the same kind of server hardware, no matter the price.

This means that you will be able to get better performance compared to our competition, no matter the price range. This does not mean we have spared any expenses. At UltraServer we have invested in giving all of our customers the best performance and still we will offer all the features and great customer service.

A New Industry Standard

AMD’s latest flagship processor, the EPYC 9654 is definitely a real beast! With a core count of 96 cores and 192 threads, it will handle even the most labor intensive processes. This is a major upgrade from what is mostly used in the game hosting industry.

AMD EPYC Genoa series

It is easy to only focus on what kind of processor a server has, but it is just as important that it has a lot of RAM. This is an area where the AMD EPYC 9654 shows why it is the best processor for gaming servers.

It will support DDR5 4800MHz ECC RAM in 12 memory channels with a per socket memory bandwidth of 460 GB/s there will be no shortage of memory in our servers. Supporting up to 6 TB of RAM it is definitely future proofed for the next decade.

We could bore you with impressive technical specs all day, but that’s not what this article is about. If you still want to know more about the technical specs we recommend reading the Phoronix article where they do extensive benchmarks of all kinds. You can find the article by clicking on this link.


All in all, the AMD EPYC 9654 of the latest Genoa processor series is a definitive choice for anyone building a powerful game server. Hopefully, this article has managed to prove this to you.

Like we stated at the beginning of this article, we want our customers to enjoy the best experience possible, and that is exactly what this processor is capable of. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in the next one.