Building My First Real Minecraft House

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Gathering Materials for My Starter House

After surviving my first scary night hiding in a small hut, I was ready to build a proper home that I could really call my own in this blocky world. I knew I needed a lot more raw materials before I could start building my first real house in Minecraft.

Gathering materials

Armed with a stone axe and pickaxe now, I was eager to gather a lot of wood, stone, and other resources to build with. I carefully chopped down trees instead of wildly swinging, aiming to collect logs. After getting plenty of wood, I mined rock carefully to pile up lots of cobblestone.

Once I had a good amount of materials, it was time to start looking for the perfect spot to build my first house. I wanted to choose a place close to resources but away from monster areas. This was a big decision that I thought about carefully! I knew having the right location would make building and future gameplay much easier.

Finding the Perfect Spot to Build My House

I explored my world looking for the ideal spot to start building my proper starter home. I knew I needed to find a flat area that was defendable but also close to resources. This would provide protection while also giving me easy access to gather more materials for expanding my build.

Finding spot

After searching for a while, I came across a nice clearing on a hill overlooking a vibrant forest. Close by I noticed a cave and coal deposit I could mine! This felt like the perfect place to build my first real shelter. It met all my criteria, from flat land to nearby resources.

I took a deep breath and got ready to lay the foundation. I was nervous but excited to build an actual house from the ground up for the first time in Minecraft as a beginner! This was a big moment after starting with just a small hut. Now I could build a real home base.

Building the Foundation and Walls

I cleared out a rectangular area and laid a stone foundation to keep monsters out. After adding wooden flooring, I built up the exterior walls with logs. It was cool seeing my house take shape step-by-step. Placing each block felt satisfying knowing I gathered the raw materials myself.

Laying foundations

I sometimes misplaced a block and had to go back to fix it. Adjusting to the block-by-block building process was part of the learning curve! I tried to be patient with myself when I made these beginner mistakes, recognizing that each error was an opportunity for improvement.

After lots of trial and error getting the sizing right, I finally had the full first story walled-in. My simple square house was starting to feel cozy and safe! I couldn’t wait to decorate it more with detail work, envisioning the personal touches that would make my Minecraft home truly unique.

Adding Windows, Doors, Roof and Interior

To make the inside brighter, I carved out a few small window holes and placed glass panes. I decided to add windows on each side to let in sunlight from all directions. Positioning and sizing the windows symmetrically took some trial and error. But it added nice personality to what were previously blank walls.

Windows & doors

Building an oak door was tricky but I crafted one to cover the entrance. I wanted a sturdy door that could open and close quickly. Oak offered good protection. Getting the hinges positioned right was hard my first try. But once built, the door gave a nice feeling of privacy and safety.

I built a gabled roof overhead to complete the outer shell. I went for a simple sloped roof design, using my extra wood planks. Getting the peak of the roof centered properly took a few tries. But finishing the roof marked a big milestone in completing my starter house’s outer structure!

Overcoming Mishaps Along the Way

From placing blocks backwards to falling off ladders, there were plenty of silly mistakes along the way. I often got impatient and careless, only to mess up simple block placements I had to reverse. Staying calm was an important lesson.

Creeper exploding

More than once, creepers exploded and suddenly put huge holes in my unfinished walls at night! I had to quickly patch those up while defending from other monsters. These creeper ambushes set me back, but taught me to be more aware of surroundings.

While building my first house had lots of beginner frustrations, overcoming each setback gave me a rush of satisfaction. I was picking up useful building techniques with every obstacle I overcame. The mistakes actually helped reinforce the skills I was learning through practice.

Conclusion: My First Real Minecraft Home

Though far from impressively designed, I had so much fun gradually building up my first proper Minecraft home from the ground up as a beginner. This marked a major milestone, now having a safe base to keep expanding my skills and digging into the depth of this incredible blocky world.


While I still had infinite more to learn when it came to building, designing and decorating nice looking shelters, I was eager to keep acquiring those construction skills over time. This simple starter house felt like a huge accomplishment worth celebrating on my early journey into the world of Minecraft!

Up next, I couldn’t wait to start seriously upgrading my basic tools and begin exploring underground. My home building adventure here was just getting started! I looked forward to continuing to upgrade and expand this first house as I became more skilled.