Changelog v0.91

Welcome to our first changelog blog post where we will be sharing all the exciting updates and improvements we have made to our service over the past few weeks. We have received a lot of great feedback from our community and we want to keep you all in the loop about changes to our platform.

This is why we want to take a moment to highlight some of the key improvements we have made. Our development team has been working hard to enhance the user experience, fix bugs and add new features that have been requested. So, below you will find the latest updates!

Inventory Page + Server Pages

The server IP address now shows by default with the option to hide + click-to-copy

Server location and node name are now shown as well (#557)

Server info and stats are now mobile-friendly

Add Edit button + modal to Server Pages

Overview Page (#559)

Completely re-worked the design to now use collapsible accordion-style sections with property counts, icons and such

Proper casing/formatting of properties


Fixed improper HTML element nesting in the whitelist tooltip

Small tweaks to the game icon, change game button, reset to defaults, etc

Changed “Currently Running” to “Current Game” to try to avoid confusion


Fixed missing page title and description for nested server page routes (#602)

Stability and performance improvements for almost every form-related component

Improvements to Select and Combo box design (#556)

Replaced a few Select components with Combo box to make selecting items from long lists easier (#560)

Applied maximum widths to Modals and Tooltips

General design tweaks to the Reinstall page

Fixed wings down crashing the overview page.

Trying a “hacky” fix for file manager dropdown causing a route reload animation.

Made “latest” default value on reinstall tab versions select valid to submit.

Made accordions on the Minecraft Properties Box (Overview page) only activate one at a time to appear less obtrusive

Make sure accordions on the Minecraft Properties Box (Overview page) are disabled and show “empty” if there are no properties in a category available on the server.

Made game icon update instantly after upload (again).

Refined Modpack installation modals slightly.

Minecraft Modpack version select dropdowns were tucked behind the modpack card below.

Schedule page re-worked Mobile view fixed

Policy pages updated