Category: Changelog

  • Changelog v2.1

    Changelog v2.1

    Hot Fixes General New Features: Site Performance: Payments & Billing: Resources: Servers: Plugins & Modpacks: Changelogs of previous releases can be found here. Read More

  • Changelog v2.0

    Changelog v2.0

    General Billing: Checkout: Payment Methods: Dashboard: Servers: Hot Fixes Changelogs Read More

  • Changelog v1.26b Hotfix

    Changelog v1.26b Hotfix

    Inventory Changelogs Read More

  • Changelog v1.26

    Changelog v1.26

    Hot Fixes File Manager: Console: Server Tabs: General Dashboard: Inventory: Server: Startup: Reinstall: Console: File Manager: Ports Tab: Schedules Tab: Backups Tab: Database Tab: Subuser Tab: Modpacks Tab: Plugins Tab: Changelogs Read More

  • Changelog v1.25

    Changelog v1.25

    General Fixes: UI: Plugins: Reinstall & Create Server: Subuser: File Manager: Changelogs Read More

  • Changelog v1.24b

    Changelog v1.24b

    Even though it is just a couple of days since we released Changelog v1.24, a small hot fix has been pushed into production. It addresses a minor update of the UI and modification of server resources. Below you will find Changelog v1.24b and the changes that follows. General UI: Fixes: Changelogs Read More

  • Changelog v1.24

    Changelog v1.24

    Our development team has done it again, in no time at all they have pushed another set of changes and updates into production. Besides general fixes and updates, a lot of attention has been given to the File Manager to make it more user-friendly. One of the biggest updates to the File Manager is the… Read More

  • Changelog v1.23

    Changelog v1.23

    In this changelog, we are excited to announce some major changes. Not only have we pushed dashboard specific changes, but also added another game to the game server library. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now a part of the UltraServers game library, and ready for users to install on their servers. Furthermore, in an effort to… Read More

  • Changelog v1.22

    Changelog v1.22

    In the latest changelog, we are excited to announce that the reverse proxy feature has been added to the dashboard. With this feature, you as a server owner will be able to redirect HTTP traffic from your own custom domain, to an assigned port on your game server. Additionally, to further the performance of your… Read More

  • Changelog v1.21

    Changelog v1.21

    In this changelog, we will not be including any major features or changes. Instead, this changelog will be focusing on some small fixes and updates to improve the quality of life while using the dashboard. Stay tuned for more changes in the coming days and weeks. General New: Fixes: Changelogs Read More