Changelog v2.1

Hot Fixes

Fixed payment button loading issue.

Resolved permission count bug when inviting subusers.

Addressed user profile update issues.

Fixed file manager upload errors.

Prevented downgrading past allocated resources usage.

Corrected inventory pagination when toggling views.

Handled errors when previewing untested modpacks.

Fixed issues with incorrect permissions when inviting subusers.

Resolved problems with changing user display names.

Corrected problems with trashed files reappearing.

Increased support ticket message length.


New Features:

Implemented pagination for file manager.

Migrated support tickets to improved table interface.

Added ability to select server/plan when creating tickets.

Site Performance:

Optimized server inventory and resources pages by reducing the amount of requests.

Payments & Billing:

Improved server-side input validation for payment actions.

Refactored Stripe payment processing to ensure proper confirmation and authentication.

Added ability to manually apply account credits to invoices.

Invoice credits now listed as line items for clarity.

Improved reliability of PayPal payments.

Enhanced security around checkout and payment processing.


Fetch resources (fresh) each time the Create Server page or Edit Server modal is opened.

Fixes issues where resources displayed on Edit Server modal and Create Server page are cached and not up to date.

Fixed consumable resources for servers (storage, backups, databases and port allocations) being downgraded below what is currently being used.


Fixed error when deleting suspended servers.

Plugins & Modpacks:

Reduced loading times on create, delete, update and install actions.

Improved initial loading speed of tabs by using suspense boundaries.

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