Changelog v2.4

Hot Fixes

Fixed console’s lag and sluggishness.

Fixed .rar extract issue in file manager.

Fixed issue where search results would return errors for admins.

Fixed storage check issue for server re-installs.

Fixed missing invoice ID issue.

Fixed alpha discount not applying properly.



Improved UI performance and responsiveness.


Added fullscreen mode.

Removed slowness when scrolling and selecting text.

File Manager:

Improved extracting and querying archives.

Added pagination for search.

Added selectable compression for archives.

Prevents scrolling page if the file editor is active.

Billing & Upgrades:

Added clarity around plan changes.

Improved invoices, subscriptions, plans.


Added credit alerts.

Added expired card note beside expiry date.


Automatically updates payment methods and subscriptions lists after changes.

Invoices & Plans:

Improved summaries and balance info.

Overhauled invoice line items.

Added indicators for upgraded resources.

Added recurring discount information.

Combined upgrade modals.

Added summaries for change impacts.

More upgrade/downgrade details.

Prevent invoices for terminated plans from being paid.

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