Changelog v2.5.1

Hot Fixes

File Manager:

Fixed intermittent crashes in the File Manager caused by a client-side error.

Fixed issue with File Upload alert unable to close after failed upload.

Fixed scroll sometimes being disabled on the File Editor.


Fixed overlapping issue with Terms of Service headings and logo on dashboard homepage, enhancing visual layout.


Fixed non-working Save button behavior in Palworld servers to enable proper save triggering.


Fixed missing scroll across pages when switching from Console to another tab.

Modify Plan:

Fixed pricing display issue on Plan Configuration tab for accurate calculations on initial visit.


Fixed plan page refresh issue after plan change.

Disabled undo cancellation button for already cancelled plans.


Fixed backups failing with an Internal Server Error.


Server Importer:

Feature re-enabled in this release.

Provides the ability to import server files via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.

Added proper error message display for failed SFTP import connections to aid troubleshooting.

File Manager:

Improved speed navigating between folders by using prefetching on hover.


Made Table of Contents interactive in Terms of Service document for easier navigation.

Added anchored links to headings and Table of Contents in Terms of Service for direct access to sections.

Edit Server:

Removed irrelevant “no available resources” message from Edit Server modal for clarity.

Refined modal styling for better display on small screens.

Improved calculation of remaining resources.

Updated resource assignment fields to default to current server values instead of plan maximum values.


Added “Edit Server” option directly on Inventory page server listings.


Resolved cancellation request errors related to credit-purchased plans.

Corrected timing inconsistency in cancellation status messages for immediate cancellations.

Fixed excessive size of “Processing Payment” interface element to improve visuals.

Added alert to Plan Upgrade Modal, notifying users that changes to Plan and Configure Resources tabs cannot be applied simultaneously.

Modify Plan:

Updated selector labels to include “CURRENT” for instant visibility.

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