Changelog v2.5.2

Hot Fixes


Resolved issue marking display name as unavailable when setting to existing name, preventing unnecessary saves.


Resolved Internal Server Error caused by backups due to failed request.


Fixed crashes on WILD servers when opening Network, Backups, and Databases tabs by adding proper fallbacks for usage values.

File Manager:

Fixed issue where document scroll remained locked when opening files in the File Manager.

Modify Plan:

Fixed page crashes caused by switching billing cycle on the Plan Modify modal.


File Manager:

Implemented more robust storage capacity checks.


Corrected spelling error on billing page from “Pay Methods” to “Payment Methods” for clarity.


Ensured consistent element widths on the legal policies page for improved layout consistency.

Removed odd spacing between section border and Discord icon in footer for improved layout.

Resolved text wrapping issue on the announcement bar in mobile view for improved readability.

Added missing announcement banner to the contact page.

Fixed typos and inconsistencies in privacy policy, improved grammar/punctuation, and ensured full title underlining.

Updated news post breadcrumbs to display “News” for consistency.

Centered copyright disclaimer for improved visual appearance.

Improved icon for the “start task” button on the scheduler to a play button for better clarity.

Fixed incorrect table text on support ticket page from “plans” to “tickets” for accuracy.

Changelogs of previous releases can be found here.