Changelog v2.5.3

Hot Fixes


Added option to toggle “Delete files” when changing games or reinstalling, providing flexibility without data loss fears.

Resolved RAM percentage update issue on server settings page, ensuring proper functionality without reliance on Java version changes.

Edit Server:

Fixed Edit Server Modal to accurately show values for backups, databases, and port allocations without discrepancies.

Create Server:

Resolved issue with version selector on server creation being unusably small, now displaying properly for selection.


Fixed incorrect “reached limit” message for servers without any created databases.

Fixed inability to assign additional databases to servers despite available resources in parent plans.


New Landing Page:

Revamped landing page design with fresh layout.

Refined hero section with finalized copy and feature logo.

Optional particles added for enhanced visual appeal.

Updated main navigation with finalized menu items for improved user experience.

Incorporated pricing and features sections.

Comprehensive footer included to provide visitors with comprehensive information.

Create Server:

Updated Create Server Modal to display all values accurately without requiring a refresh, ensuring changes in resource meters are reflected.


Improved file archiving by displaying the compression type dropdown over the modal for better usability.

Centered processing payment widget for improved alignment.

Fixed issue with modals displaying at full height by default.

Clicking “Dashboard” now directs users to the inventory page, prioritizing usability.


Improved card deletion functionality for seamless UI updates without requiring a refresh.

Minor improvement to sidebar on mobile devices.


Improved registration process to instantly display “ok” in the “Confirm Email” section with proper input, eliminating initial “value required” message.

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