Changelog v2.5

Hot Fixes

File Manager:

Fixed issue where .ini files would crash page.


Fixed layout spacing, especially improved mobile views.

Fixed dashboard layout being too narrow.

Improved consistency of page headings within dashboard.


Fixed issue where read-only startup variables prevented saving.

New Resource System

Independent Resource Plans:

Now each resource plan acts as a separate resource system for allocating resources to game servers.

Servers can only access the resources from their associated plan.


Lists all game servers and the resource plans powering them.

“Show Plan Info” button shows complete resource plan details for each server.

Can filter servers by the resource plan they utilize.

Create new game servers.

Show Plan Info Button:

Added a toggleable “Show Plan Info” button on the Inventory page for every server.

Reveals details including plan name, ID, status and due date of each server’s plan.

Filter Servers by Plan:

Added filters on the Server Inventory dashboard to display only servers associated with a selected resource plan.

Allows targeting specific servers.

Create Server Flow:

Select a single resource plan to create the server from.

Shows resource meter indicating resource availability in the plan.

Streamlined workflow.

Edit Server:

Change the resource plan associated with a server.

Validate that the new plan has enough free resources.

Notification when a server switches resource plans.

Per-Server Plan Details:

The Plan Details page has an expanded breakdown of resource assignments per server.

Toggled section for every resource, including CPU, memory, storage, etc.

Showing allocation across various servers.

Color-coded servers provide improved visibility into resource allocation per server.


File Manager:

Added pagination to search feature.

Introduced the ability to import server files via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.


Added browser-cached redirects for commonly accessed pages.


Added ability to download databases through a MySQL dump.


Prevented invoices for terminated plans from being paid.

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