Changelog v2.6

Hot Fixes


Fixed issue with sorting functionality for dates in the Invoices page.


Fixed issue where Create Sub User modal wasn’t closing upon clicking outside the modal.

Fixed unresponsive “Select” fields in modals across different areas, ensuring consistent functionality.

Edit Server:

Corrected inaccuracies in the Edit Server Modal, ensuring proper display of values for backups, databases, and port allocations.

Landing Page:

Fixed issue where header hover menu was not working in some parts of the website.

Modify Plan:

Fixed issue where core count remained visually unchanged after downgrading, now accurately reflects the updated core count.

Fixed “Configure Resources” modal inaccurately displaying current plan cores.


Fixed the modpacks tab so it no longer crashes when a modpack is installed, ensuring a stable experience for users.


Fixed issue where Save button in Email preferences remained disabled despite changes, now activates properly when modifications are made.

Fixed game server reinstall page stuck, loading indication is now accurately updated, reflecting the live progress of the server installation.


New Backup System:

Implemented backup listing, creation, restore, download, and deletion actions.

Handled scheduled backups and locking backups.

Created UI to differentiate between user and system backups.

Migrated backups from the old backup system to legacy backups.

All backups are now being hosted offsite with the exception of legacy backups.


Enhanced billing dropdown appearance and clarity on mobile, resolved overlapping and transparency issues.

Added scroll bar functionality for mobile table navigation to fix issue with invoice details appearing under top navigation bar.

Centered and adjusted layout of Stripe Cards buttons for improved appearance.

The empty field in PayPal subscriptions now includes a “Cancel” placeholder for better clarity and usability.

Create Server:

Enhanced server creation modal by elongating the resource plans section to utilize empty space, improving visual appearance and usability.


Improved user experience by implementing toggle switches for true/false options in the Advanced section of the Overview tab.

Landing Page:

Implemented browser tab names for improved user experience and SEO.

Reinstated promotional banner on the new landing page, ensuring compatibility with sticky elements and scroll-to margins.

Improved top navigation bar by adding green hover effect to Learn and Contact section menu items for consistency.

Changelogs of previous releases can be found here.