Cheats and Commands for Minecraft


Even though cheating in games is frowned upon, we wanted to share some useful cheats and commands that you can use while playing Minecraft. Like the saying goes; If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

Minecraft console commands and cheats can be very useful if you know how to utilize them, they allow you to fully customize the rules of your world. Some are good for single-player worlds and some are better for multiplayer worlds/servers.

List of Commands

To be able to enter these cheat codes and commands, you would want to open the chat by pressing “T” and “/” then familiarize yourself with the format of writing anything from the minecraft commands list.

Minecraft commands list

In the command examples anything contained in <> is to be filled by the desired outcome of the command.

1. How to change game mode

/gamemode <survival, creative, spectator>

Changing game mode in Minecraft can be important if you want a change of pace in the game or just want to explore the different ways you can play. 

Game mode Survival is the default and requires you to fend for yourself and survive against attacking mobs.

Game mode Creative makes you immune to damage and gives you the ability to fly and have access to all blocks in the game, it’s best for those of you who want to show your creative side as a builder.

Spectator mode is strictly for viewing things, opposite to creative mode. It allows no breaking of blocks, so it’s best if you just want to have a look through floors and walls.

2. How to give a player OP 

/OP <@playername>

OP is a form of admin in Minecraft servers, it gives the player permission to write commands and change the permissions of other players, such as banning them. Players with OP can also edit command blocks.

3. How to teleport to players and places

/tp <playername> <playername> 
/tp <X,Y,Z>

When using the /tp command the player that wants to teleport comes first and the person you want to teleport to comes second in the command line. So if my friend Alex wants to teleport to Steve the command would be /tp Alex Steve

When teleporting to a specific location you can either use coordinates that you have saved or just some random ones that you want to test.

4. How to locate structures/biomes in game

/locate <structurename>
/locate <biomename>

The locate command has a wide variety of filling options, there are many biomes and structures to find in your Minecraft world. You can type the start of the structure or biome name and allow the autofill to help you find what you’re looking for.

5. How to give yourself any item in the game

/give <playername> Minecraft:<itemname>

The /give command is helpful to people who like to find things that aren’t easy to find and could be classed as secret. This command allows you to get command blocks which are an advancement of commands.

Barrier blocks are the perfect player item to troll your friends with on your multiplayer server and can only be obtained using this command.

How to give yourself barrier blocks

6. How to send direct messages to other players

/msg <playername> <your message here>

If you want to send a direct message that doesn’t need to be seen by a full server of people you can use this command to send a message to one person directly. 

7. How to allow players to join your server

/whitelist <playername>

This specific command is needed on servers that have a whitelist. After executing the command the player will be added to your whitelist and they will be able to join the server continuously until you remove them. You read more about how you can enable whitelisting in our Documentation hub.

8. How to change the weather in game

/weather <clear, thunder, rain>

By using these weather commands you can change the weather for a duration of time. However, the weather will still change autonomously.

9. How to change the time of day in Minecraft

/time set <day, night, noon>
/time set <0-24000>

The time of day in Minecraft can be determined by day, night or noon to be put simply, but more experienced players can use the 0-24000 hours command for more granularity. 

Minecraft time of day clock

However, after you have used this command the time will still continue as normal unless you turn the daylight cycle off. 

10. How to edit the game rules of your world

These are the top commands for helpful and most used

/gamerule KeepInventory <true, false>

Keep inventory makes it so that when you die you won’t lose your items or experience points. Furthermore, when you respawn, you will have all items in order as they were when you died.

/gamerule DoFireTick <true, false>

The DoFireTick command decides if you allow fire to spread and set things on fire.

/gamerule MobGriefing <true, false>

The MobGriefing command changes if hostile mobs can break blocks or take blocks by themselves.

/gamerule DoInsomnia <true, false>

The DoInsomnia rule turns phantoms off, so if you don’t sleep for multiple nights, phantoms will no longer spawn.

/gamerule DoDaylightCycle <true, false>

The DoDaylightCycle determines if time will change automatically or not. Setting this to false will stop time, which can be useful if you want it to be day continuously.

11. How to summon any entity in the game

/summon Minecraft:<MobName>
/summon Minecraft:<AnyEntitiyName> 

The summon command allows you to spawn entities, which in Minecraft mean anything from a Wither boss to boats and minecarts. You can also spawn Mobs riding other mobs.

12. How to kill all mobs in the area


The kill command is really only to be used in emergencies since it kills all mobs in the area, hostile or peaceful so you should be careful with this command. So if you accidentally spawn a wither boss, you now know what to do to keep your world peaceful and easy!

13. How to change the world spawn point


To use the command you should stand where you want the world spawn to be and type the command. This sets the world spawn for every single player. However, beds will override the world spawn like usual.


In conclusion, Minecraft cheats and commands are a fun and useful way to enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to streamline your building process or a beginner looking for a little extra help, cheats and commands can provide a range of benefits. From simple shortcuts like teleporting to more advanced commands like summoning specific items, the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s important to remember that cheating can take away from the satisfaction of playing the game and can negatively impact the experience of other players. So go ahead and experiment with Minecraft cheats and commands, but remember to use them responsibly and with respect for the game and its community.