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How to turn on Minecraft whitelist

Level: Beginner

How to use Minecraft Whitelist

Minecraft whitelist is a feature that allows you to run your server with more safety and privacy. Whitelist means that only users added to the list by the owner can access and join the server. Whitelist is recommended for servers that are not being used for mass public use as it will reduce security attacks to your server.

Step 1: Go to your UltraServers dashboard

  • Navigate to your Inventory.
  • Once in your inventory you will see your list of servers.


Step 2: Click "Manage" on the server you want to change

  • This will take you to the advanced view of your server.


Step 3: In the Overview tab set the White-list value

  • In the PLAYERS section of th your server overview, you will find the White-list menu to set the True value.


Step 4: Click the Save button

  • Make sure to click save to save your changes at the bottom of your server Overview page.


Step 5: Restart your server

  • Make sure to then restart your minecraft server to apply these changes.


Step 6: Go to console and use whitelist

  • Once your server has restarted, you can then navigate to the console you can start using the whitelist.
  • You can now type the command whitelist add [Playername].
  • To remove players from the whitelist you can use the command whitelist remove [Playername].



How to enable whitelist through command

Step 1: Join your minecraft server

  • Join your minecraft server if you don't know how click here for a guide

Step 2: type command in chat

  • Press T on your keyboard to open the chat window
  • Type the command /whitelist on

NOTE: make sure you have permission to enable whitelist (make sure you're OP)

How to use whitelist in game

Step 1: Log into your Minecraft server

  • Log into your UltraServers Minecraft server.


Step 2: Open chat and type the command

  • You can now type the command /whitelist add [Playername].
  • To remove players from the whitelist you can use the command /whitelist remove [Playername].



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