How Community Feedback Helps Shape UltraServers


As a game hosting company, we know that the success of our business is built on the satisfaction of our users. That’s why we’re always looking for feedback from the community to help us improve our services and create the best possible experience for gamers everywhere.

For this reason we created a survey where our community can provide valuable feedback that will help us in our effort to build the ultimate game hosting service. If you haven’t already, we would really appreciate if you could participate in this survey. It would be very helpful and it will take less than five minutes.

Over the initial testing phase, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our users, and we’ve been listening. In fact, we’ve used that feedback to push the development of our dashboard forward in some exciting new directions.


At the top of the list of community feedback was the need for better customization options. Players want to be able to create their own unique gaming experience, and they want to be able to do it easily. We heard them loud and clear, and we’ve been working hard to make it happen.

First, we’ve added a lot more customization options to our dashboard. Now players can tweak everything from the server name to the database, and they can do it all with just a few clicks. We’ve also made it easier for players to add custom mods and maps to their servers, so they can create the exact experience they’re looking for. And we’ve made sure that all these options are available in a user-friendly interface that even novice gamers can navigate with ease.

One of the most significant improvements we’ve made is to our account verification process. Now, when players create an account, they’re asked to provide an email address for easy verification via a magic link. This not only helps protect their account from unwanted intrusions but also makes the log in procedure more efficient.

Another recurring feedback we received was the need for stable server performance. Players want a smooth, seamless gaming experience, and that requires fast, reliable servers. We’ve taken that feedback to heart and have made significant improvements to our server infrastructure. Our new servers have been equipped with AMD EPYC 9654 processors and 1.5TB DDR5 ECC RAM. If you would like to read more about why we chose this hardware for our servers, we have a article that is more in-depth about this and can be found following this link.


After we had pre-launched the dashboard, our community identified some early defects and reported them to us via Discord and we could immediately add it to the developer schedule. These defects are already being worked on and we will be releasing the first fixes later this week.

Thanks to your reports, we have been able to identify and fix these bugs quickly. If you come across any more issues, please do not hesitate to report them in our Discord server or via ticket in the dashboard. We want our community to be involved and help us build UltraServers into something great.

Finally, we’ve also received a lot of feedback about the need for easy access to customer support. Our users want to know that they can get help when they need it, whether they’re having trouble with their account, their server, or the game itself. We’ve made significant investments in our customer support team, hiring more support staff and implementing new tools to help them do their job more efficiently.

Now, our users can get help through a variety of channels, including discord, ticket system, and email. And our support staff is available around the clock, so players can always get the help they need, no matter where they are in the world.

Future Features

As we have mentioned previously, the amount of great feedback we’ve received from the survey participants have been phenomenal. It has been a great tool for us to pin point what we should focus on for the future, and we already have a list of things that will be implemented to our dashboard.

As for now we only have two server locations, the US and Germany. But seeing how our community is spread all over the world and as the demand grows we will be expanding our locations to all corners of the world. We want our service to be accessible by anyone, no matter who you are or where in the world you might be.

With new locations and more users, the demand for other games than Minecraft will surely rise. We could already add more games, but we want to bring our customers the best possible experience, and this means we don’t want to offer something just because we can. We want to offer something that we know will function properly and most important of all. It has to be easy to use for our users.

One of our Discord members reached out to us with a fantastic suggestion for our dashboard. They proposed that we add a feature request system that would allow users to suggest and vote on features they would like to see added to the dashboard.

Since we are all about community involvement here at UltraServers, we loved the idea and pushed it to the top of our list of features to be added in the near future. This new system allows us to better understand what our users want and prioritize the most popular feature requests.


All of these improvements are thanks to the feedback we’ve received from the community. We’re grateful for every suggestion, every bug report, and every feature request that we’ve received during the initial testing phase. And we’re committed to continuing to listen to our users and to pushing our service forward in new and exciting directions.

At the end of the day, we know that our success is built on the satisfaction of our users. We believe that happy customers are the foundation of any successful business, and that’s why we strive to exceed their expectations every step of the way. We take pride in providing them with an exceptional experience, from the moment they first interact with us to long after their purchase.

Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality services, and we constantly seek feedback to improve and enhance our offerings. We are confident that with our dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, our success is not only guaranteed, but also boundless.