How to Add Subusers in the Dashboard

As you might already know from the recent announcement and changelog, we have added a subuser system to the dashboard.

It has been one of the most requested features so far, and we sincerely hope that all of you find it to be useful. Our development team has been working very hard to get it done, and we are excited to finally have launched it.

What’s A Subuser?

So, for those of you that are not familiar with the subuser concept, let’s go over the basics. A subuser is someone that will have gained access to your UltraServers dashboard by invite from you as the server owner.

This feature is very useful if you would like to share the management of the server dashboard with your friends and family. A subuser can either have full access to the dashboard if you as the server owner enabled all the permissions at the point of sending the invite.

Should you want to limit the level of permission a subuser has to the dashboard, it can easily be done. Simply check the boxes for the permissions you would want your subuser to have access to.

Add a Subuser

The process of adding a subuser to your dashboard is fairly straight forward and can be done in under a minute. However, should you be in need of some assistance, we have a guide called How to add subusers to your dashboard in our documentation hub.

Simply by sending an invitation from the dashboard, the person you have invited will then receive an email which lets them register an account at UltraServers. Once they have registered their account, they will gain access to your server.

Depending on what permissions the server owner set, the subuser can have access to the full dashboard, or certain sections of it. This lets you as the server owner to define what the subuser has access to or not.


To sum it all up, the subuser feature has been highly anticipated by the community, and we are delighted to see it in action on the dashboard. It for sure is a great addition, and it will make the sharing of server management very easy.

We hope that you, the community, have found the subuser feature and started using it properly. Also, do not forget to add more feature requests in our newly released feedback system. Feel free to add and vote on new features, as that is what will steer our development team going forward.

With that said, we hope you will have a great rest of your day, and we will see you in the next blog post.