Changelog v1.2

In our latest changelog, we are glad to announce the implementation of the Subuser system in the dashboard. It has been a highly requested feature, and our developers have been working tirelessly for the past couple of weeks to deliver this feature.

The Subuser system comes fully fledged with configurable permissions, email invites, and the ability to accept/reject invites. We are excited to share this feature with all of you, and we urge you to test it thoroughly and share your input and feedback in the #alpha-feedback channel on our Discord server.



Added Subuser system to allow sharing of server dashboard with other users.

New toggle buttons for Login / Register pages.


SFTP Modal design has been improved.

Copy/Paste feature has been disabled for CONFIRM input field on the Settings tab under Reinstall.


Makes sure the server always has at least one port left on the server to avoid the primary port being deleted.

Custom font display in WebKit browsers — Manually adjusted variable font weights for SequelSans font (headings).

Users can now only view tickets they own.

Markdown in ticket messages should now be rendered correctly.

Select fields no longer crashes the browser.

Fixed the “Log out” link appearing above the country selector dropdown on the registration page.

Typos in the Alpha resources information modal on the registration page have been corrected.


Caches several API routes to make the dashboard work more fluidly (Thanks Next.js app router).

Dev-related notes:

Updated several dependencies including moving to TypeScript v5.

Use our design system colors rather than arbitrary values

Utilize proper label and description for the change password form

Improved Icon loading performance

Memoized Icon component

Added fallback icon while the icon is loading (only “internal” icons are dynamically loaded, so users aren’t very likely to actually see the loading state because our “internal” icons are primarily for the yet-to-be-implemented Tiptap editor)

Overhauled custom font loading

Utilize variable fonts for increased performance

Implement Next’s font utilities for a significant decrease in loading time and visual shift on first load