Minecraft Snapshot 23W18A Has Been Released


It hasn’t even been a full week, and already Minecraft released another snapshot update. A short summary of what is included in this release are changes to telemetry, new advancements and a fix for a 11 year old bug!

At UltraServers, we like to see this kind of pre-release where game developers let the community get a sneak peek of what’s to come. We are all for listening to the community and involving them in the development; if you are a part of our Discord community you probably already know this.

The latest snapshot, 23W18A, was released on May 4th, 2023, and it introduces some exciting new features that are sure to delight any Minecraft player around the world. So let’s jump in and go over what this snapshot offers.

What’s New?

Snapshot 23W18A was released just a couple of days after snapshot 23W17A, but still it has a decent amount of new changes and updates. Though most of the changes are new there is a fix for a 11 year old bug included. About time they gave it some attention.


For ease of use, the Smithing Table no longer requires a Smithing Template to be in the template slot before placing an itemstack into the other slots

Jukebox has been added to the Redstone Blocks creative tab

Walking on a block will now always play a step sound. It was previously not the case if you were walking along the edge of a block with air or fluid besides it

Walking on the ocean floor will produce a step sound for the block you are walking on at a lower volume and pitch

Advancement: The Power of Books – Read the power signal of a Chiseled Bookshelf using a Comparator

Telemetry Changes

In this release they also included a new global property that is sent with every event, a new property in the required WorldLoaded event, and also as two new opt-in events. These updates will make it easier for Mojang to troubleshoot issues with the Minecraft launcher.

It will also be more efficient and give them a better overview of how Java Realms content is interacted with. This will in return help the developers to make better informed game design decisions and improve game load speeds.


To sum it all up, even though this snapshot was released just a couple of days after the latest snapshot, it still includes a good amount of updates and changes. If you would like to read the full changelog you can find it here.

You can also find our latest snapshot blog post by following this link. We hope that you found this blog post to be interesting, and maybe you actually learned something new about Minecraft. If not, just continue reading our blogs and you’ll be sure to learn something eventually. Take care!