Minecraft Snapshot 23W32A

Not even a week has passed since the last Minecraft Snapshot 23W31A was released by the developers at Mojang. However, a lot has happened since that snapshot was released and many changes have found its way into Minecraft Snapshot 23W32A.

So, in this blog post we will again give you an overview of what this snapshot brings, and how it will affect your Minecraft gameplay. Sit back and relax, and we will present it all for you below.

What’s New?

As the previous snapshot release brought some new features into Minecraft, and of course a lot of technical changes. This release is mainly focused at only bringing technical changes and other updates. As we will only cover a small portion of the snapshot, you can find the entire list of changes here.


Changes have been made to the vibration mechanic. See below for a complete list of what has been changed.

Vibrations no longer risk being lost on simulation distance limit

Unequipping items emits a new unequip vibration of frequency 4

Chiseled Bookshelves emit a block_change vibration of frequency 11 when receiving books from Hoppers

Turtle Eggs cracking emit a block_change vibration of frequency 11

Turtle Eggs hatching emit a block_destroy vibration of frequency 12

Using Bone Meal emits an item_interact_finish vibration of frequency 3

Fire being doused by Water Potion emits a block_destroy vibration of frequency 12

Evokers evoking Vexes or Fangs emit an entity_place vibration of frequency 14

Carrots being eaten by Rabbits emit a block_change vibration of frequency 11

Sweet Berries being eaten by Foxes emit a block_change vibration of frequency 11

Camels eating Cactus emit an eat vibration of frequency 8

Technical Changes

The resource pack version is now 17

A bug involving hunger icons was fixed in the slicer tool released with last snapshot. Here is the new version

The data pack version is now 17

Optimized networking to improve the experience on low bandwidth connections


Even though it has been only a week since the developers at Mojang released a snapshot, they have managed to put a lot of new changes and bug fixes into this most recent one.

It is always great to see how the development goes further with each snapshot released. If you want to try this snapshot yourself, you can download the server.jar by clicking here. Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!