Resource Management and Server Importer

A new release is here! To further simplify the user experience, we have made some major changes to our dashboard and the underlying technical bits. Though many changes have been made, there are two main features seeing the light of day with the 2.5 release.

These updates represent a significant milestone in the ongoing development of our platform. Our dedicated team of developers has been hard at work behind the scenes, listening to feedback from the community and make our collaborative vision into reality.

We are proud to announce a new Resource Management System and the Server Import feature. The groundwork for these features has been in development for some time, and we are glad to finally be able to share it with our community.

New Features

Independent Resource Plans: Now each resource plan acts as a separate resource system for allocating resources to game servers. Servers can only access the resources from their associated plan. This simplifies understanding for customers, avoids confusion from mixed resources, and improves scalability.

Show Plan Info Button: Added a toggleable “Show Plan Info” button on the Inventory page for every server, which displays complete details of the plan it utilizes, including plan name, ID, status, due date, etc. Provides full visibility into the plans powering each server.

Per-Server Plan Details: Plan details page has expanded breakdown of resource assignments per server. Toggled section for every resource including CPU, memory, storage, etc and showing its allocation across various servers. Color coded servers provides improved visibility into resource allocation per server.

Filter Servers by Plan: Added filters on server inventory dashboard to display only servers associated with a selected resource plan. Allows easy filtering to focus on a subset of servers.

Streamlined Server Creation: New create server workflow to select a single resource plan to provision the server from. The plan’s resource meter shows availability of remaining resources for additional servers. Simplifies the creation process.

Change Server Resource Plans: Added ability in Edit Server module to re-assign a server to a different resource plan if it has enough unassigned resources to support the server. Helpful for redistributing servers across plans. Shows an alert message if there are any proposed plan changes.

Resource Management

With the new and improved resource management system, we have also made some UX changes to the dashboard. The process of creating a game server has been completely reworked for a better user journey with ease of use in mind.

Leading up to this release, we had identified some management issues regarding our resource management system and have therefore made some significant changes to how it works. From a user perspective, it will still work as normal where you place an order for a resource plan, and then install your game servers.

Previously, a game server could have resources assigned from a mix of resource plans. The result of this is a potential for scenarios where game server management could become difficult. For example, if a game server has resources from two different resource plans, and you then cancel one of the plans. What happens to the game server?

The new independent resource plans allow customers to create separate resource pools from which to allocate game servers. Plans do not share resources, so suspending one plan won’t affect servers on other plans. This approach provides more flexibility, transparency, and reliability as your gaming needs scale.

Going forward, a game server can only have resources assigned from a single resource plan. However, a single resource plan can still have as many game servers as the amount of resources allows.

Server Import

In addition to the new resource management system, we are also introducing the highly anticipated server importer feature. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually setting up your game servers from scratch. With the server importer, you can transfer your existing game servers from your local machine, or another game hosting provider, directly to our platform with just a few clicks.

With this release, this has now become a reality and the server importer is now available on the dashboard from the File Manager. To import a game server, simply click the + Server Import button, fill in the form, and your server will be seamlessly imported.

The server importer feature is a game-changer for both seasoned server administrators and especially for beginners. By removing the complexity of manual setup and configuration, we are making it easier than ever to get your game servers up and running in no time.


With these major updates, we are more excited than ever about the future of our service. With the new resource management system and server importer, we are confident that UltraServers will continue to be the premier choice for any gamer looking for a reliable and professional game hosting provider.

We are eager to persist on this path with our loyal community and continue enhancing our service together through ongoing constructive feedback.