Surviving The First Night in Minecraft


For all the new players discovering Minecraft, we would like to welcome you to UltraServers and also give you some tips on how to survive your first night in this exciting game!

You may think that this blocky game is easy, but each night and day reveals its own new challenges. Whilst breaking blocks can seem blissful and exciting, there is always a challenge waiting around the corner.

Here are UltraServers tips and information on what you should consider doing on your very first night in the game. You can also read our in-depth guide on how to get started with UltraServers!

Gathering Resources

As daylight begins to break, it’s essential to gather resources quickly. You can begin by punching trees to collect wood, which will serve as the foundation for your survival.

Use the wood to craft a crafting table, allowing you to create more complex tools and items. Remember, efficiency is key during this initial phase, so focus on gathering enough wood and stone to last you through the night.

Crafting Your First Tools

Once you’ve gathered enough resources, it’s time to craft some basic tools. With your crafting table, you can create a wooden pickaxe, an essential tool for mining stone and ores. Use your pickaxe to collect cobblestone, which allows you to craft stronger tools and construct more durable shelters.

Next, you should be looking to upgrade to mainly stone tools until you find iron. Stone tools are a far better alternative to wooden tools as they last a longer duration and also allow you to break new ores such as iron.

Building a Shelter

Nighttime in Minecraft brings a horde of hostile creatures, from zombies to skeletons and even creepers. To stay safe, find a suitable location and build yourself a shelter before darkness falls completely. Your first-night shelter doesn’t need to be extravagant, a simple dirt or cobblestone structure will protect you just enough.

The key is to have four walls and a roof to keep the mobs at bay. Although, spider can climb on top of your roof, so be sure to check up above when venturing out in the morning. It’s safe to say the staple experience for all Minecrafts players is definitely building a dirt house.

Lighting Up Your Life

Once you have a shelter, it’s time to light up the surroundings. Craft torches using coal and sticks, and place them in an efficient pattern in and around your shelter. Torches not only illuminate the area, but they also prevent hostile mobs from spawning nearby. A well-lit environment is your first line of defense against the creatures of the night.

Torches are a pretty cheap item and can grant you the ability to create some amazing things when you get the right resources. Such as creating pretty lanterns to decorate your home and also making soul torches which add a nice blue tint to your atmosphere.

Basic Farming and Food

As the night progresses, hunger will become a concern. To sustain yourself, begin creating a basic farm inside or near your shelter. Use your wooden tools to till the soil and plant wheat seeds that you can get from breaking tall grass.

Over time, your crops will grow, providing you with a renewable source of food. Remember to keep an eye out for passive mobs like cows and pigs, as they can be a valuable source of food too. You can craft fences using wood, which is a great way to keep animals in one place and to create an optimal breeding place.


Congratulations, We hope you survived your first night in Minecraft! By gathering resources, crafting tools and shelter and illuminating your surroundings, you’ve taken your first steps towards becoming a master of this virtual universe.

These tips should allow you to do great things in game, once you have mastered the basics we are sure you will be able to do great things! We look forward to helping you out again with more of our blogs!

Minecraft is all about creativity and adventure, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild. We hope you enjoy your journey, and next nights go smoother than the last! Thank you for reading.