Changelog v1.0

Welcome to our weekly changelog blog post, where we will be sharing all the exciting updates and improvements we have made to our service over the past few weeks. We want to keep you up to date with us and our changes, so you can be assured we are always improving our service.

We have recently launched UltraServers publicly, offering our service completely free to anyone who signs up. Since the launch, we have been working on amazing polishing features and additional features to the UltraServers dashboard.

This is why we want to take a moment to highlight some of the key improvements we have made. Our development team has been working hard to enhance the user experience, fix bugs and add new features that have been requested. So, below you will find the latest updates!


Improved the security headers.

Reimagined Reinstall and Startup tab into one, with added “Save” button to appear consistent across the dashboard.

Fix for issue where the Flag Select box would double-select the same option because they had the same value (Default and Aikars).

Shows image of currently installed modpack on modpacks tab.

Fixed file row dropdown ellipsis, reloading the entire page first time clicked.

Fixed file managers file row checkbox requiring three clicks to select a file

Fixed space in server name, causing the text to clip outside the server card on the Inventory page and Server tab pages

Fix for archives not being able to download due to incorrectly formatted name.

Replaced formatting of query parameters for file actions with ufos with Query for consistency.

Update wording for verification code email 

Update styling of verification email

Add loading state to “Send new code” link on Verification page

Plugins page

Fix Plugins page performance

Reworked plugins page

Lazy load, optimize and cache plugin images

Ensure requests to spigot API respect cache headers

Reduce amount of data retrieved from API – Speeds up larger queries

Replace faulty RatingGroup component

Rework all Query components (pagination, sorting, per page and search)

Adjust plugin filename to include plugin name for easier identification by user

Adjust mobile styling for Plugins page cards

Add tooltip to plugin name for when it’s too long to be displayed entirely

Tune Select component – Force it to stay below the trigger

Add “Browse Plugins” and “Installed” buttons to easily switch between plugin search and currently installed plugins

Improve overall plugin search navigation styling. Tune spacing and positioning for mobile and desktop views

Modify “PerPage” values and implement page limit for plugin search to avoid spigot API failures

Add small icon + tooltip when viewing the last page regarding the limit