Changelog v1.1

Welcome to our bi-weekly changelog blog post, where we will be sharing all the exciting updates and improvements we have made to our service over the past few weeks. We want to keep you up to date with us and our changes, so you can be assured we are always improving our service.

It has passed about a month since we officially launched our alpha release v1.0 and since then we’ve begun to receive a lot of suggested improvements and general feedback. This is why we want to take a moment to highlight some of the key improvements we have made.

Our development team has been working hard to enhance the user experience, fix bugs and add new features that have been requested. So, below you will find the latest updates!


Added features to File Manager

User can now Pin and Unpin the files/folders in file manager.

Files now have syntax highlighting feature, based on their file extension.

Resolved the error happening when going to file path using breadcrumb.

WHMCS support ticket ordering bug

Set WHMCS timezone to UTC

Remove time conversion function + set created date on WHMCS API calls for new tickets and replies

Update WHMCS time conversion functions to support user locale for datetime formatting

Modpacks page

Updated the UI to bring it in line with the recent Plugins page updates. The page now features:

Live (debounced) search

Full pagination with per-page options

Detailed pagination count summary

Various sorting options (depending on modpack provider)

Slim cards featuring terse details about each modpack, including branded external provider links, release date, update date, download count, and (for just a couple providers) a rating

Modpack images are now displayed using NextImage, allowing for automatic browser caching, dynamic image resizing and optimization

Unified Browse and Tested tabs, showing the “tested” status for each modpack version

The process of installing a modpack has been improved significantly as well:

The installation modal now features a backups section where users can view and create backups without leaving the modal

Various warnings have been put into place to inform users of the potential consequences of installing modpacks for the first time, installing a second modpack when one is already installed and when re-installing an already installed modpack

Added an overlay to modpacks that do not have any server-compatible versions available at this time

The currently installed modpack is now shown in a collapsible card

Users can see the version that is currently installed and if an update is available

Users can see if their currently installed modpack is tested or untested.

Additionally, users can easily re-install the current modpack or select a different version without having to find it in the modpack list

Added new custom endpoints to Directus to facilitate modpack API queries

Currently supports CurseForge, Technic, FTB (Feed The Beast) and Modrinth

These endpoints combine data from these third party providers with our own tested modpack data, providing additional version compatibility data

For both Technic and FTB APIs, we’ve expanded their capabilities to allow for proper result limiting, pagination and basic sorting

Additionally, we’ve utilized Directus’s Redis instance to cache much of the data associated with Technic and FTB to drastically speed up their responses

Fix: Modpack tab erroring if the user already had a modpack installed using the old tab system

Fix: CurseForge modpack pagination beyond 10,000 results

Security: Applied some restrictions to various query params on modpacks page and API endpoints to protect against abuse (and errors)

Fix: Intermittent crash when FTB modpack provider API timed out under certain conditions