Changelog v1.21

In this changelog, we will not be including any major features or changes. Instead, this changelog will be focusing on some small fixes and updates to improve the quality of life while using the dashboard. Stay tuned for more changes in the coming days and weeks.



Reworked the Subuser permissions modal

Now possible to enable/disable entire permission categories and all permissions at once

Automatically collapse categories (after a deliberate, short delay) when all permissions enabled

Automatically enable READ permission whenever UPDATE, CREATE or DELETE is enabled (on applicable categories)

Modal can only be closed using the “Cancel” button to avoid accidental closing


Properly order server name/location and server owner on both server listing and current server (with a vertical divider in the proper position) permission error was showing on reload of any server tab if the user didn’t have this permission enabled.

The Edit Server modal was showing Subusers resources instead of server owners when accessing the server as Subuser

Transparent background for favicon/icon files + tiny logo adjustments

Add link to Status page to site footer

Improved perceived loading time for Show Shared Servers toggle

Increase vertical spacing for inventory servers list

Add skeleton loader for servers in the inventory servers list