Changelog v1.22

In the latest changelog, we are excited to announce that the reverse proxy feature has been added to the dashboard. With this feature, you as a server owner will be able to redirect HTTP traffic from your own custom domain, to an assigned port on your game server.

Additionally, to further the performance of your game servers, we have added a 512 MB swap memory to each game server. We have also implemented some minor fixes and updates to improve the quality of life while using the dashboard. Stay tuned for more changes in the coming days and weeks.



512 mb swap memory added to each game server

Text overlapping on user resources is fixed for all devices.

Copy-paste feature disabled for Confirm input field and server name input field on delete server modal.


Reverse proxies can now be created for port allocations on the Ports tab.

Currently, there is a limit of 3 reverse proxies per port allocation.

SSL and support for websockets can be toggled on for reverse-proxies. SSL relies on a valid email and CNAME for Let’s Encrypt to create a valid SSL Certificate. Otherwise will display an error message.

Console & Websocket

Adds back CTRL+F search bar for console.

File Manager

Fix folder and file names with spaces crashing page with error due to file path being encoded twice.

Fixed directories with “.”-characters removing the / at the end of the breadcrumb path due to treating characters after the “.” as a file extension.

Fixes a couple other path issues with File Manager due to the same double-encoding as above.

Added conflict warning in case of moving a file or folder to a directory where a file or folder with the same name already exists.

Recycle bin feature has been added

All files being deleted or mass-deleted will appear in the Recycle Bin instead of being permanently deleted directly. They can be restored or deleted permanently both one-by-one and en mass


If a user tries to invite themselves to be a subuser, it will show a proper error message.

Server Create

Fix for “Conflict” error on server creation with subdomain.

Mades subdomain modal messaging a bit better.

Other Additions

Subdomains can now be individually deleted without deleting the entire port allocation they belong to.

Design Changes

Ports tab has been redesigned a bit to fit all the new information in a neat way. For example, subdomains have been moved to under the Address.

Port allocations with subdomain/-s will show a green chevron instead of a neutral coloured one on the subdomain collapse under the Address.

Same thing but for reverse proxies