Changelog v1.23

In this changelog, we are excited to announce some major changes. Not only have we pushed dashboard specific changes, but also added another game to the game server library. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now a part of the UltraServers game library, and ready for users to install on their servers.

Furthermore, in an effort to make our dashboard even more user-friendly, we have made a lot of changes to the File Manager, Console and other areas of the dashboard. Stay tuned for more changes in the coming days and weeks.


General Server Layout:

Made installing alert show up and disappear more reliably when installing something (Reinstall tab or Modpack install).

Disable power actions when the server is installing.


Disables all buttons on tab (Reset to Defaults, Save File, Game Icon upload) if the server is installing.

Made the Game Icon loading faster and less annoying when traversing from and to the Overview tab.

Fixes broken Game Icon image if a subuser is lacking permission. Will now simply default to our US logo.

Landing Page:

Banner has been added informing we are in development stage and link to change logs has been added too.

File Manager:

Pin Feature

Can now pin files and directories

All pins are available from the root directory as well as inside each parent directory of the pinned item’s location

Uploader Enhancements

Reworked file upload experience

When more than one file is being uploaded at once, there is a collapsible section to view detailed progress information for each file, otherwise a global progress indicator is used

Improved reliability of drag-to-upload behaviour

Enhanced all action modals

All forms can be submitted with “Enter” key

All forms include basic validation

Reworked path calculations for move/rename modals to be reflective of relative path changes

Collect affected items into an easier to read format

Additionally, when more than 10 items are affected, the remainder are hidden and can be expanded on demand

Recycle Bin has been renamed to Trash

Trash is now a modal rather than its own route

Actions on items in the Trash are now limited to permanent deletion or restoration

When deleting items, there is now the option to move to the Trash or permanently delete (skipping the Trash altogether)

There is now a “Trashed” timestamp along with “Last Modified”

Add column headings to file listings

Add “back” button to breadcrumbs

Reworked the “action” buttons

Changed the visual style to be a little more subtle

Now collapse to smaller icons on smaller screens

Added error page for File Manager-specific errors (missing files, etc)


Added feature to console tab that allows copying the current console logs.


Added ability to reassign subdomains that are connected to the server but not assigned to any of the servers’ current port allocations. This deals with the issue where subdomains disappeared for NY node users after the transfer to the DE node.

Added user-friendly error for when we run in to Cloudflares DNS-record per domain limit of 1000.


Added loading visualization as skeleton for when a DB password rotate is triggered.

The database connection modal design has been updated and details can be copied now using a mouse click on the detail.

Bug fix: Rotate password toast will appear once password has been updated on Modal.


Implemented cache for permissions-related functions to significantly reduce redundant API calls.

Use correct units for storage values on Backups page and for image uploader.

Refactored PluginUpdated and ModpackUpdated components to use the same icon and wording.

Modals are no longer wider than the screen on smaller screens.

Remove all usage of the word “folder” and ensure only “directory” is used.


Implement consistent date/time formatting throughout Dashboard, respecting user’s browser locale settings.

Feedback link added to website footer.

Changes to the process of creating and editing server resources have been made setting resource values in fractions or anything less than 1 will no longer be allowed.

The first slash in the console command will be omitted, example use /seed or seed command will run now.

Important Note:

Due to the change related to the Recycle-Bin, old Recycle-Bin will now show up as a normal folder for all servers in the root directory. It will not clear itself as that feature has been permanently adapted to the New Recycle-Bin (Trash)



Added CS:GO to selectable Games (In Create server page and Settings -> Reinstall section)

Both CS:GO and CS:GO (Sourcemod/Metamod) are available as “Types”.

Added popup modal on startup/restart of CS:GO server if the server is lacking a Steam Account Token.

Reinstall Section:

Rewired reinstall select field logic to work with multiple games, and games without types, and types without versions. (This also applies for the Create server page).

Switching Game will auto-select and disable the “Delete server data” switch. Deleting server data will be required if the user wants to switch game.

Modified reinstall fields loading to be slightly faster.

Startup Section:

Made startup variables render as Select fields and Switches if applicable. Switches are for boolean values and Select fields for predefined values. Falls back to normal Input. This is useful for a lot of CS:GO variables.

Added Gamemode Presets Select field for CS:GO which combines several in-game parameters into predefined game-mode options. An Advanced Gamemode Settings collapsible dropdown is also present to allow more advanced customization of the servers gameplay.


The Startup Section settings will render on the Overview page for CS:GO.


Disabled creating subdomains for CS:GO as CS:GO does not work with SRV-records.

Kept reverse-proxies enabled for both Minecraft and CS:GO for now. That being said, reverse-proxies cannot be used as a Server Address in CS:GO.