Changelog v1.24

Our development team has done it again, in no time at all they have pushed another set of changes and updates into production. Besides general fixes and updates, a lot of attention has been given to the File Manager to make it more user-friendly.

One of the biggest updates to the File Manager is the new search feature. This lets you quickly search among your files and its content. We hope you will find this new feature to be helpful and that it will make your server management a lot easier. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!



File search is accessible if the user has permission.

Split up permission-checking of File Manager Action buttons to be individual instead of grouped together. This allows more granular control over these buttons, such as showing the SFTP modal button only if the user has file.sftp permission, instead of grouping all of the buttons together to the permission.


The “Manage” and dropdown buttons on servers on the Inventory page can no longer be clicked when the server is installing.

Server Creation:

Sets Java 17 LTS by default on Minecraft servers (Thanks Itachi)

Schedule Page:

The entire UI has undergone an update, with tasks now displayed within the collapse component.

For Input, Select, and Switch components, the label prop is now utilized to display labels.

The Edit, Delete, and Add task buttons have been substituted with Icon Buttons, each with a tooltip prop providing a description.

Websocket & Installing State:

Took care of several instabilities when going in and out of the install state.

The server going to install state (such as by using the Reinstall functionality on the Settings tab), is now perceived as instant for the user (Try clicking on the Reinstall button).

Made sure the socket connection isn’t lost when a server is installing and the page is reloaded/changed. This was a major issue that caused the server tab ui to sometimes freeze with the installing alert visible until the entire page was reloaded.

Added an ugly fake progress bar to installing alert.

Servers installing will show skeleton loading on the overview tab instead of nothing.


Community Engagement and Support section has been added to the data handling policy page.


Adjust overall form spacing for all forms

Refactored “reset to default” buttons on Settings -> Startup form

Add new “Raw Edit Flags” button to Settings -> Startup form

Reworked the “Delete Files” switch on Settings -> Reinstall form and “Lock Backup” switch for Create Backup form

Changed the way the subdomain form elements look

File search Input spans entire width of container

Minor adjustments to Console page input element

Add tiny little animation along with a new “denied” prop on the Switch component to show that an input cannot be changed — initially used on the Reinstall form when selecting a new game that requires removal of data

Remove background colour from “ghost” inputs

Slight adjustments to Subuser permissions modal permission descriptions


Restored missing blur on OverlayMessage component backdrop

Set default value for Set Permissions modal

Wildcard domains for reverse proxy can no longer be created (Thanks MythicalKitten from BerryByte)

Pushed hotfix to Production addressing game versions not applying properly on Reinstall

Automatically select the detected language syntax for file editor.

Adjust styling for Combobox, Dropdown, Input, NumberInput, Select and TextArea components — clear button always takes up space on “clearable” components, even when the button doesn’t need to be shown (prevents width from changing)

Fix incorrect HTML markup for Switch component (label no longer wraps multiple “input” elements)

Remove redundant inner overflow styling for Modal/AlertDialog

“Select domain” dropdown clickable within subdomain fields

Fixed regression with Select and Combobox components not working on the first selection

Remove logging from UploadFiles utility class

“toBoolean” coercion utility wasn’t taking into account “false” string condition

Refactored Reinstall and Create Server forms to fix regression bug (staging only) — Game, Type and Version selectors working properly now

File Manager

File Search:

Added File Search to File Manager.

The file search searches file/folder names as well as contents of files globally (in all directories), and returns matches by name and # of matches in content.

Added “Open file location” dropdown option for file items on search.

Search match by file/directory name will show above file search match by content if filtering by matches.

Clicking on an editable file where the search query matches by content will highlight all the occurrences of the search query in that file.

File Manager Sorting:

Added global sorting of file rows.

Directories count as having size 0 in sorting

Default sorting is by modified date in descending order (newest to oldest).