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Add a card to your UltraServers account

Level: Beginner

Add a payment card to your Ultraservers Account

Step 1: Log into your UltraServers account

  • Login to your UltraServers account, to do so you can follow this guide.

Step 2: Go to the Billing section

  • In the top bar, next to Inventory, you will find the Billing tab


Step 3: Go to Cards

  • Once in billing, look in the left-hand menu and go to the Cards tab.
  • Next, click the Add Card button
  • Fill in all the credential fields as follows:
    • Description: An optional descriptive text shown for this card in your dashboard.
    • Card number: 16 digits found on the front of your card.
    • Expiry: 4 digits expiration date shown on the back of your card.
    • CVC: 3 digits shown on the back of your card.
    • Country: Country where your card is issued.
    • ZIP: Postal code, only needed for certain countries.




Step 4: Save the card

  • Toggle the Set as default if you want the card to be used automatically for future payments.
  • Click the Save button to save your credentials.


If you are having trouble with this, you can open a support ticket here!
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