Changelog v1.26

Hot Fixes

File Manager:

Fixed request error with permanently deleting files


Fix console history sometimes not being requested on full page reload

Server Tabs:

Sped up navigation between server tabs.



Added a News section has been added to the dashboard landing page.

Added information banner to Inventory page.


Added full-scale pagination system to server listing.

The pagination system has sorting options, pages, as well as a search field.

The search field will filter by server name and owner email (useful for subusers).


Show Suspended Server Alert.

Allow Adjusting Backup, Database and Port Allocation limits in Edit Server Modal, to match fields on Create Server Page.

Allow to change game server name while server is running, but to change resources you need to stop the game server.


Fixed issue with the untested modpack egg where it would display a name field causing errors on saving Startup settings.

Automatically updates CPU Boost status without user interaction


Fixes issue on Reinstall tab where the value of the current type shows the placeholder text. Appears if you have a modpack installed.


Prevents scrolling the entire body when mouse is hovering Console.

Fixed CTRL+C copying selected text within console.

File Manager:

Fixes new name in rename modal displaying the old name on the same item after successful rename.

Prevents renaming a file to the same name it already has in the UI instead of displaying a generic backend error on submit.

Fixed File Manager Crash when .trashed-items or .pinned-items has a certain payload.

Fixed incorrect files being deleted by the automatic trash purger cron in Ptero after 30 days.

Fixed an error with restorations in the File Manager which would happen in the following edge case (these paths could be any):

Move file /test/testfile.txt to trash

Create a new file /test/testfile.txt

Move new /test/testfile.txt to trash.

Restore any of the /test/testfile.txt. from trash.

Only one file gets restored and the other testfile.txt get’s removed from the .trashed-files meta while still existing in the File Manager, being invisible for the user.

Ports Tab:

Domain name now has uniformity between proxy and domain name and its alignment has been fixed.

Schedules Tab:

The background color for a task has been made one shade lighter for a better appearance.

Minor UI fixes for mobile view.

Backups Tab:

Backup details have been moved out of the card and the design has been slightly changed.

All action buttons will be disabled until the backup is complete to make the user experience better.

Backup size and created time will be displayed after the backup is complete before that there will be a loading component.

The loading spinner for locking and unlocking process alignment has been fixed.

The UUID value added to the backup table can be copied by clicking on the value.

“Limit Reached” modal was mentioning Ports.

Database Tab:

Database details have been redesigned.

You can now easily copy database information

“Limit Reached” modal was mentioning Ports.

On password rotation DB password will only have letters and numbers no special character.

Subuser Tab:

The sub user page has been redesigned.

Modpacks Tab:

Pre-fetches pagination buttons, and Select Fields for Page Size and Sort By upon opening.

Plugins Tab:

If a plugin links to a .jar file it will download it instead of linking to an external site.

Pre-fetches pagination buttons, and Select Fields for Page Size and Sort By upon opening.

Fixed trashed plugin jars showing up as Installed under the Plugins tab.