Changelog v2.0



Introducing invoices page for viewing billing history.

Data tables for easy invoice lookup.

PayPal and Stripe payments available on invoices.

Displaying available account credits on billing pages.

Introducing subscription info and payment method management.

Standardized button placement across billing pages.


Loading indicators to improve checkout process feedback.

Introduced registration system for new users during checkout.

Introduced payment gateway selector for flexible payment options.

Stripe available for credit card payments.

Users can pay with new or saved cards.

Validation to prevent errors during checkout.

Slider labels designed for increased clarity.

Payment Methods:

Developed feature to help users add, update, and remove credit cards.

Validation is enabled when managing cards.

Duplicate cards cannot be added.


Introduced configurable data tables for improved data analysis.

Designed mobile navigation menu for better experience on smaller screens.

Pricing cards with updated styling.

Implemented modal system for alerts and notifications.

Data table designs for better configurability.

Styling on pricing page for optimized experience on smaller screens.

Removed alpha notifications that were no longer needed.

Introduced form component for improved tabbing interface.


Warn users if a server will be impacted by an upcoming plan cancellation.

Streamlined deletion workflow for unassigned servers.

Excellent syncing between servers and Cloudflare records.

Proper resource assignment issues across multiple plans.

Show warnings instead of power controls for suspended servers.

Hot Fixes

Prevented sending empty support tickets that create confusion.

Fixed infinite loading issue that occurred when entering spaces in display name.

Introduced display name validation to only allow string input.

Set upper limits on resources like schedules per server to prevent crashes.

TOS agreement required for API registration to comply with policies.

Implemented rate limiting on API endpoints to prevent abuse.

Fixed invoice details not showing correct information after config upgrades.

Removed payment methods from $0 invoices to avoid confusion.

Fixed Stripe checkout calculation bug for totals ending in zero.

Performed general code cleanup and optimizations for improved stability.