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How to enable Anti-Xray in Minecraft PaperMC settings

Level: Intermediate

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to enable Anti-Xray in the Minecraft PaperMC settings. We will also explain the differences between engine-mode 1 and engine-mode 2.

How to enable Anti-Xray in Minecraft PaperMC settings

Step 1: Locate the paper.yml file

  • Locate the paper-world-defaults.yml which is located inside the config/ folder. This file contains the configuration settings for PaperMC.


Step 2: Open the paper.yml file

  • Open the paper-world-defaults.yml file using the inbuilt text editor by clicking on it.

Step 3: Locate the anti-xray section

  • Find the anti-xray section within the paper.yml file. This section contains the settings for Anti-Xray.
    enabled: false
    engine-mode: 1
    - copper_ore
    - deepslate_copper_ore
    - gold_ore

Step 4: Enable Anti-Xray

  • Change the value of enabled from false to true. This will enable the Anti-Xray feature on your server.
enabled: true

Step 5: Choose the engine mode

  • Decide whether to use engine-mode 1 or engine-mode 2 for your server. Here's a quick explanation of both modes:

    • engine-mode: 1: Replaces specified blocks (hidden-blocks) with "fake" blocks based on the dimension (stone, deepslate, netherrack, or end_stone). Only ores covered by solid blocks will be hidden. This mode is less computationally intensive on the client side.

    • engine-mode: 2: Replaces both hidden-blocks and replacement-blocks with randomly generated hidden-blocks. Fake ores obstruct the view of real blocks. This mode may better prevent Xray, but can cause client performance issues (FPS drops) for some players.

  • Set the engine-mode value to your preferred mode (either 1 or 2).



These two images are from the paper documentation

Step 6: Save and restart the server

  • Save the changes you made to the paper.yml file and restart your Minecraft server for the changes to take effect.


With Anti-Xray enabled and configured, your server will now be more secure against players using Xray hacks. Keep in mind that Anti-Xray is not foolproof, and additional measures (such as anti-cheat plugins) can further help protect your server.