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How to reset player data in Minecraft

Level: Beginner

How to reset player data

Step 1: Go to the UltraServers inventory

  • Login to your UltraServers account.
  • Click Manage on the server you would like to edit.




Step 2: Go to the File Manager tab

  • Go into the File Manager tab.
  • Go into these folders world > playerdata

file manager.png



Step 3: Use MCUUID to get player ID

  • Go to the MCUUID site.
  • Type in each of the players in game Minecraft names in the search box.
  • Copy the full UUID string to a notepad on your PC.



Step 4: Delete corresponding player data

  • Once you have all the UUIDS of the players you want to delete the data of, go back to your UltraServers panel.
  • Once back in the File Manager, delete the two files per each player, that match the UUIDS written on your notepad.


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