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Creating and using constructions with amulet

Level: Advanced

This document will cover how to use Amulet to create new schematics and paste them in a different world.

Step 1: Installing Amulet

  • Go to the amuletmc website and download the amulet version that matches your operating system.

Step 2: Open amulet

  • Open amulet, click on the first one "Open World"

Step 2b: Download the server world files

  • If you want to modify or make a schematic of a world present on your server, you will have to download the entire world folder. The folders for the different dimensions are as follows:
    • world: The overworld
    • world_nether: The nether
    • world_the_end: The end

You can find a guide on how to use sftp to transfer these files here.

Step 3: Opening the world

  • If you have the world you want to modify or make a schematic of a world that already exists on your own device in single player mode, click on the "Java" dropdown. This will expand and show you all of the currently installed worlds on your device which you can then click on to open.

  • If your world was downloaded via SFTP due to it not being a single player world, simply click on "Open other world" and select the folder for the world that you wish to edit.

Step 4: Select the correct tab

  • Once a world is open, click on the "3D Editor" tab which is where all the edits occur.

Step 5: Moving

Once the world is open, you can move around using the following keys:

  • W A S D: Normal up left down right movement

  • Space: Fly up

  • Shift: Fly down

  • Right click + drag: Moves the view to look into other directions

  • Scroll wheel: Modified the speed at which the player moves with WASD in "bps" (blocks per second) which can be seen on the top right information bar

  • If you opened a single player world which will usually contain all dimensions in one folder, you can change dimensions by clicking on the dimensions selector next to the blocks per second display.

Step 6: Selecting

  • Placing the mouse over blocks will highlight them, meaning they are ready for selection.
  • If you would like to selecct an "air" block, you can hold the right click button which will move the selection box to a small distance in front of you, making it possible to select air.

Step 7: Drawing a box

  • Once you know the starting point of the box selection, left click, then move to the second point of the box and left click again to confirm the selection. This will create a visible square that can be edited.
  • If you would like change the size of one face of the rectangle, simply put your mouse over a square which will turn it blue; from there click and drag to the desired size.

Step 8: Exporting the selection

  • Once you are satisfied with the selection, swap to the "export" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • From there, click on "export" and save the resulting .construction file somewhere on your device.

Step 9: Importing the construction

  • To import a .construction file (or any supported file by amulet such as .schematic files) swap to the import tab and click on "Import File". This will open a file explorer where you can select the file to import.

  • This will create a "ghost" version of the build that will move around with the cursor which gives you the ability to choose where you want to place it. It also gives additional options such as scale, rotation, if you want to flip it directionally, whether liquids or air should be pasted or not.

  • Left click once you are satisfied with the position of the schematic (remember that you can hold right click to avoid it going into things) and finally click on the "confirm" button to confirm the placement.

Step 10: Saving the changes

It's important to note that simple importing and "confirming" the placement of a schematic will not actually do anything unless the changes are saved.

  • To save the changes, click on the save button at the top right of the screen which will permanently apply the changes.

If you are having trouble with this, you can open a support ticket here!
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