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Join minecraft server from any version

Level: Beginner

Through this guide, you will navigate the simple process of installing ViaVersion via your UltraServers dashboard, restarting your server to apply changes, and verifying the successful installation of the plugin.

How to Install and Use ViaVersion on Your Game Server

Before you follow this guide, we recommend using ViaSetup to check if ViaBackwards is needed alongside ViaVersion. In some cases, ViaBackwards is required to allow an old version of Minecraft to join a Minecraft server of a newer version. ViaSetup also shows you what config changes are needed.

Step 1: Install ViaVersion

  • Log into your UltraServers dashboard
  • Go to your server's control panel, find the plugins tab, and search for "ViaVersion".
  • Click Install to add it to your server.

Step 2: Restart Your Server

After installing ViaVersion, hit the Restart button on your server control panel, this will make sure the plugin is loaded.


Step 3: Check Installation

Log into your Minecraft server and type /viaversion to see if the plugin is working. It should show you the version of ViaVersion installed.

Step 4: Enjoy Multi-Version Compatibility

Your server should now accept connections from various Minecraft versions without any further setup!

If you are having trouble with this, you can open a support ticket here!
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