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How to prevent seed cracking

Level: Intermediate

Seed cracking is a set of methods used to determine the "seed" of a world. Having this seed makes it possible to determine biome & structure generation which gives players knowing the seed a massive advantage compared to those that do not.

Step 1: Open the spigot.yml file

  • Using the File Manager feature on the UltraServers dashboard, open the spigot.yml file.
  • You can find a detailed document that explains how to use the file manager here.

Step 2: Change the structure seeds

  • Go to the File Manager in your and open the spigot.yml file.
  • Scroll down to the section containing the following preset structure seeds.
    • seed-village: 10387312
    • seed-desert: 14357617
    • seed-igloo: 14357618
    • seed-jungle: 14357619
    • seed-swamp: 14357620
    • seed-monument: 10387313
    • seed-shipwreck: 165745295
    • seed-ocean: 14357621
    • seed-outpost: 165745296
    • seed-endcity: 10387313
    • seed-slime: 987234911
    • seed-nether: 30084232
    • seed-mansion: 10387319
    • seed-fossil: 14357921
    • seed-portal: 34222645
    • seed-ancientcity: 20083232
    • seed-trailruins: 83469867
    • seed-buriedtreasure: 10387320
  • Change the number of all of these seeds to a value between 1 and 2 147 483 647 (without spaces), the number will determine how these structures are generated which will break the structure based seed cracking.

Step 3: Enable anti-xray

  • Some seed crackers use ore locations as a seed cracking method. To prevent this, you can enable the anti xray of spigot based servers like PaperMC.
  • You can find a guide on how to enable anti-xray here.

Step 4: Add world generation datapacks

  • Adding datapacks that modify the world generation will prevent biome based seed cracking
  • You can find a guide on how to add datapacks here.
  • The recommended datapacks related to world generation are
    • Nullscape: End world generation
    • Incendium: Nether world generation
    • Terralith: Overworld world generation
    • Terratonic: Overworld world generation
    • Geophilic: Overworld world generation

If you are having trouble with this, you can open a support ticket here!
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