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How to manually add a server.jar

Level: Intermediate

In this guide, we will demonstrate a step-by-step process on how to manually add a server.jar file to your Minecraft server. You may want to perform this action when you're looking to use a specific version of Minecraft that's not available in your server control panel or when you want to use a custom build.

How to Manually Add a Server.jar File to Your Minecraft Server

Step 1: Download the Desired Server.jar File

  • Start by downloading the desired server.jar file from a trusted source. Save the file to a location on your local computer, and rename it to server.jar
  • Here are some trusted websites you can download from: paper, purpur, spigot

Step 2: Access Your Server Panel

  • Access your server control panel by inputting the panel's URL into your web browser and logging in with your credentials.

Step 3: Stop Your Minecraft Server

  • To prevent data corruption, you must stop your server before uploading new files. Navigate to the server you want to update and click the Stop button.

Step 4: Navigate to the Files Manager

  • Click on File Manager, then delete your server.jar.

Step 5: Upload the Server.jar File

  • click the Upload button and select the server.jar file you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 6: Restart Your Server

  • Once the upload is complete, navigate back to your server panel and click on the Start button. Your server should now boot up using the newly uploaded server.jar file.

With the new server.jar file uploaded, your server should now be running the version or custom build of Minecraft that you have specified. Always remember to back up your server files before making significant changes, and only download server.jar files from trusted sources to ensure the security of your server.

If you are having trouble with this, you can open a support ticket here!
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